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Why identical chips Dual Channel Memory

By jsfald ·
Why do the chips need to be the virtually the same type of memory chip to take advantage of a Dual Channel system?

My understanding of dual channel memory is that both chips can be accessed at the same time. What more is to it than that?

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by TheChas In reply to Why identical chips Dual ...

The accessing of both DIMMs at the same time is what makes it critical for both DIMMs to be VERY closely matched.

Any difference in CAS latency, speed, even the length of the traces on the DIMM circuit board can result in timing discrepancies between 2 DIMMs from different manufacturing lots let alone 2 different suppliers.

Even different manufacturing lots of the same memory ICs can have timing differences.

Anything that results in a timing difference between the 2 DIMMs in a dual channel configuration will cause system stability problems, if not data errors.

Look at it this way, at 2 MPH, you have a lot of time to match the speed of 2 different cars over a 100 foot race.
At 150 MPH, both cars need to be running exactly the same to enter and exit a 100 foot timing gap at the same time.


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by jsfald In reply to

That makes sense. I didn't think about the clocking or timing on the bus. Thanks for your help.

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by jsfald In reply to Why identical chips Dual ...

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