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Why I'm voting for GWB to be impeached

By Absolutely ·
I will not vote for anybody who I know to support Dubya after this:

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It's all lefty BS

by Oz_Media In reply to Why I'm voting for GWB to ...

At least that's what I was told when I mentioned it a couple of years ago.

Canadian TV did an indepth story on it, interviewing many former White House officials and CIA agents that confirmed being sent on missions to confirm, and when they turnedup empty handed, claims were still made to the contrary.

Many of these people came forward before the War begain and said all this in public.

But I wa stold it was all horsesh*t as it was broadcast in Canada and all of our media is complete crap when compared to the US propaganda machine.

Others said I had no idea because I wasn't American....uh....yeah. Still others said I must be mad to buy into such a pack of lies. These were generaly the same people who promised me that they were there to save their own lives from WMD and I'd do the same thing if I understood what terrorsim was like in my own country, not remembering that I am from England, a terrorized country for decades.

SO I think maybe I'll side with the majority of those who refuse to accept alternates to a complete and bungled screwup by the world's largest governments for their own gains.

I won't et back into GWB's confirmed plans for the Afghan pipelins and how Iraq was a major thorn in the side of the US military presence in the Middle East before China could get in there.

Because that's all crap too that we have to wait a few years to see come into action.

What's real and what's true will never be admittted, the government will simply make the appropriate choices and they will be defended regardless, just justified by even more ridiculous means than the Iraq invasion was.

Look at the WMD, even AFTER they were proven to NOT be in Iraq, everyone still stood behind the invasion and said they didn't get in soon enough and he'd simply moved them. Whatever, I am sure there are WMD somewhere, but they weren't being found in Iraq, CIA reports came back wmpty on teh whole nuclear arms issue too. But the president went ahead and said it was all there and simply not found. Whatever, at least I didn't vote for the idiot. I'm not responsible for all those lost Iraqi and US lives, the president sent your/his people to die , I didn't.

For such a religious man, I wonder if he's got enough years lef to be forgiven for his sins before he goes to ****? Ah well, he'd only get his *** kicked in heaven anyway.

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by Jaqui In reply to It's all lefty BS

not an option.
after all, nowhere else is forgiveness without punishment found in the univers, but amongst them whackos, christians.

figure that americans will learn anything by this discovery? I don't
after all, they have no rights anymore, homeland security destroys the rights they had.

the anti terrorist laws they have enacted have turned them into a fascist state.
so it's only going to get worse.

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I'm sorry, but I had to laugh.

by ITgirli In reply to It's all lefty BS

I cannot believe you wrote:
"...not remembering that I am from England, a terrorized country for decades."

Terrorized for decades? Oh no! If it wasn't for your filthy, slaughtering, english dogs, my family would have never had to leave their native land. decades, huh? But they have been terrorists for centuries, so excuse me if I do not weep for you. two words: Oliver Cromwell. Slaughtered over 40% of the population of Ireland in one campaign in 1653. Mass slaughterings. I have nothing but utter contempt for your english dogs. Speak not to me of the decades of hardships your people have been through. Have you ever read "A Modest Proposal"? You english types, I have no pity for you. Tell your horrors to those ignorant enough to believe you.
God save Ireland!

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Holy Christ!!!

by jck In reply to I'm sorry, but I had to l ...

BTW, ITgirli...don't forget to mention that the English oppressed the Irish for over 700 years, yet when the Irish representative was 7 minutes late to the signing of their independence, the English representative complained about "being kept waiting".

And yes, Oliver Cromwell was a ******* and killed some of my ancestors.


I won't rant on Oz. Simply because Oz isn't Oliver Cromwell. I won't blame the children of England for the sins of the fathers. It's just wrong.

Anyways...rant on! (I kinda liked it...hehehe)

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You can't say that!

by jdclyde In reply to Holy Christ!!!

"holy christ", from a liberal godless heathenes swill is just too much for me to handle!

Repent sinner! Your time is drawing niegh!

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by jck In reply to You can't say that!

I'll see you in ****, Republican hypocrite!!!

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need to change beer

by jdclyde In reply to Eh...

Killians tastes terrible warm.... I would bet the same goes for that "stuff" you swoon over! :^O

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by jck In reply to need to change beer

Guinness is good room temp, so long as your room isn't more than 80 degrees.

Of course, I'm starting to brew my own now. As soon as I make as close to a perfect Guinness Draught clone as I can, I'll stop buying the lacking stuff imported in the USA and only drink the brand name when I can get the real stuff when visiting in Ireland.

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Hold it right there, fellah!!

by DMambo In reply to need to change beer

The "stuff" jck swoons over is Guinness. Now I'm not of Irish nor English origins, so I won't take sides in that battle, but when you denigrate Guinness, you're pickin' a fight with the wrong MoFo.

Besides, it's deeeelicious warm.

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Always like to throw that in

by jdclyde In reply to need to change beer

just to see if anyone actually is paying attention!

Not to mention, it is a topic that I HAVE to poke jck with at least ONCE a week!

I thought it was a chilled "beer"? what is the recommended temp suppose to be?

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