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    by the_webninja9 ·

    Why AOL is the CHOICE for Nigerian Scam Artists

    Recently I have been dabbling in trying to help out the folks at Myspace
    Clean up Myspace by identifying all the Nigerian Scam Artist Profiles that are being
    Used on Myspace to connect with individuals on Myspace, then they use AOL Instant Messenger,
    To Chat with their Prospective Victims until they can weasel and con the Money out of them by posing as a Model who is madly in Love with you.

    As a Techie it kind of intrigued me that they would all only use AOL Instant Messenger. I thought ?Why are they only using AOL, why not Yahoo, for example??
    Then the answers became clear when I decided I was going to start Logging all the Suspected USER Ids used in the AIM Scams. When I tried to Report these User Ids to AOL, I realized exactly WHY all the Scam artists use AOL.

    AOL has their CONTACTS completely Automated. In otherwords AOL uses Voice Computers on their Phone Help Lines, a Multitude of FAQ files you have to plow through before you even get CLOSE to a real Contact number or method. THEN they want to use LIVE HELP to work out the Problem. Okay what if I don?t subscribe to AOL and I want to Report a Scam Artist? Out of Luck.
    If you are Outside the little AOL World, you can find it nearly Impossible to Report ANYTHING, and I found it completely impossible to make contact in any way shape or form with anyone at AOL Regarding Reporting Scam Artists. So what does this mean? It means that through all the ?Security? that AOL Claims to have, they, by isolating themselves from having any Actual Human to Human Contact, with the outside world either on the phones or in the e-mails, they have created a Barrier that the Scam Artists USE to their Advantage.

    That?s why the Scam Artists can?t use Yahoo. Because Yahoo Communicates with people. They keep the Lines of Communication open. Yahoo has lead the way in Prosecuting people in illegal On-line Activities.

    So the Moral to this Story, is while you might THINK that using Computerized Phone Systems and Multitudes of FAQ pages is going to help your Business, it actually only shows how much you really DON?T CARE. People respect Human to Human Contact. People Respect it if you CARE.
    One of the best Customer Service Organizations I have ever made contact with is the Folks at Realplayer. You can pick up the phone any time, and they can answer any question you have IMMEDIATELY! They don?t keep you on hold for Hours like some Companies do. They answer Questions and Solve Problems Immediately! This shows they CARE.

    Now they had to outsource all their Customer Service to India just to get this Level of Customer Support, but you know what? One time the Nice East India Babe I was talking to didn?t even care when after I solved the issues I had, I started just talking with her about the weather and how things were going in India, she was really cool about it. That is a Drastic Change from the Hypercritical ?Bitchy? style attitude I get from most American Women in this Country when I talk to them. If I was to try just talking to an American Woman like that, they would start Bitching me out or hang up in my face. So I guess that?s one good thing about Outsourcing, not only does it improve the Customer Relationship with the Customers, but it improves the overall image of the Company, because you have nicer people working the phones with different ideas of what is acceptable in Communications. In India Human to Human Contact is still something Valuable. Compassion and Understanding is something Valuable. So their Customer Service reflects this.

    I hope some one has learned something from all of this. Cause as we speak, the Scam Artists are STILL using AOL AIM to run their Scams, simply because it is too much of a Burden for AOL to Communicate with the outside world.

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      Why is AOL the choice…

      by didikai ·

      In reply to WHY is AOL the CHOICE for SCAM ARTISTS?!

      Sorry, I have to disagree. I teach computer forensics – in particular, email and web-based investigations. I see 419 scams coming into Yahoo, Hotmail, gmail, and other less popular clients. I routinely get Yahoo import/export group postings that are clearly phishing attempts.

      Scammers are non-sectarian – they will use any avenue open to them. Yahoo is fameous for being difficult to serve subpoenas – they change their numbers frequently – you have to get the inside numbers from other members of the forensic community.

      Breaching the ‘communication barrier’ is part of the investigator’s game.


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      by library assistant ·

      In reply to WHY is AOL the CHOICE for SCAM ARTISTS?!

      How do you know it’s AOL or AIM? Presumably, both are the same, but it’s been my experience that AIM is more or less left to fend for itself which could explain the why many use it. Perhaps the best way to deal with this in MySpace would be for them to not allow AIM or AOL messages at all, and not put users screen names there. It would also solve problems with people harvesting email addresses, since the screen name would be either or, either way ensuring that there is a live email address for people to harvest.

      Besides… in light of the recent videos and articles of the horrors of trying to unsubscribe to AOL, are you surprised?

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      More Details,…

      by the_webninja9 ·

      In reply to WHY is AOL the CHOICE for SCAM ARTISTS?!

      Okay, the one investigator who commented, yeah you are right, Yahoo does have a lot of Scams going on. But right now on Myspace the Nigerian Scam artists are Posting “Message me on AIM” then they post their AIM ID. They are not using Yahoo. Which is more or less what I was referring to. Yeah I am still getting about 3 or 4 Phishing e-mails a day through Yahoo, so I don’t mean to imply that Yahoo is perfect. But I have a two Websites on Yahoo, and if I have a Problem, I can pick up the phone and be talking to someone on the phone in Minutes on Yahoo. I wasn’t able to contact anyone at AOL at all.

      That’s more what I meant.
      And for the other person who asked me how do I know that they are using AOL.
      I Do a Browse Search by State in Myspace, I go through and check as many Profiles as I can that look suspicious, one by one. And every single one that I am almost Sure is a Nigerian Scam Artist, was only using AIM IDs.

      How do I know they are Nigerian Scam Artists?
      Well since 1996 I have been on the Web, and I feel it is partly my responsiblity to keep the Web Clean of Scam Artists. So I make and Effort to root them out whenever I can.
      I do this by Following Through.
      I will Message an ID to see what they do.
      Usually they try to act like they are madly in Love with you and then gradually they will try to con you into some form of Financial Assistance. Once I had a person act like a Company they wanted to hire me as a “Collections Specialist” they wanted me to give them a Bank account that I was supposedly going to put THEIR Money in. It was nothing more than a Cyber Pigeon Drop Scam. But I don’t get to the point where I am giving them information. I am only trying to Con THEM into giving ME as much information as I can get. I collect Header Information and IP Addresses and DNS addresses then Forward the info to the correct people. That’s all I do.

      So that’s how I know.

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