Why is BIOS System Time Reseting?

By ChrisRobt ·
I'm having an incredibly strange problem where the system time in the BIOS resets every time the power supply is unplugged. Only the time is reset, all other setting stick.

The problem started on a new Asus P5K-E MB. I replaced the battery and pulled the MB out of case -- time still resets. I pull everything except video card, power supply, 1 stick of RAM and CPU -- no change.

I RMA the board and replace it with a Gigabyte GA-EP35. SAME PROBLEM! Now I'm stumped. The common components I have plugged into the MBs are:

- 2GB of OCZ DDR2 XTC Rev .2 FAM
- Intel E8400 Core Duo Processor
- Enermax Modu 82 Power Supply
- Nvidia 8600 GT
- Antec 900 case.

Does anyone know what might be causing the problem?

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BIOS Battery

by Nimmo In reply to Why is BIOS System Time R ...
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Have done

by ChrisRobt In reply to BIOS Battery

As I said in my first post. Have replaced it twice on 2 different boards!

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Why is BIOS System Time R ...

doesnt normally strike twice in the same spot. It maybe a problem with your PSU. Try another PSU if you have one spare.

Download SpeedFan and check the Voltages.

You can also test your PSU with a multimeter.

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You will need to update the bios..

For this to become fully functional.. So go to the motherboards web site and download the update to the bios.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Replacing graphics card solved issue for me

by MichaelMark In reply to Why is BIOS System Time R ...

I had this same issue with an Asus P5K-E and a Gigabyte Geforce 8600 GT (Model GV-NX86T256H). I experienced this problem when the Gigabyte card was connected to the DVI port of a Dell 2001FP LCD Monitor, but I did not expereince the problem when the card was connected to the VGA port of the monitor using the DVI-to-VGA adapter the came with the card. I tried two other graphics cards, a PNY Geforce 8500 GT and an MSI Geforce 8600GT (Model T2D256EZ - identical to the Gigabyte in specifications). The BIOS time did not reset with either of these cards connected to the DVI port. I therefore solved the problem by replacing the Gigabyte card with the MSI card.

(Note: I did RMA the Gigabyte card but Gigabyte returned the same card without fixing the problem. I can't say that the Gigabyte card is the root cause. It is possible that the Dell monitor has a voltage issue with its DVI port and other boards suppress it better than the Gigabyte board. Unfortunately, I don't have a spare LCD monitor to experiment with.)

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