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Why is cat 5e rated in Mega Hertz?

By northwood ·
Cat 3, cat 4, and cat 5 cable is rated in mega bits per seconds.

Why is cat 5e and cat 6 rated in Mega Hertz? Are they used in analog transmissions? If so, give example.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Why is cat 5e rated in Me ...
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by Oz_Media In reply to Why is cat 5e rated in Me ...

CAT5e and Cat6 are prety much the same, they just needed to sell the back catalogue so they came up with 5e.

Yes, they can BOTH carry analogue or digital signals. I often use Cat5e and Cat6 for telephone installations, in fact 99.9% of business phones use CAT5 with either ISDN or POTS service from the PBX or KSU, it's just a wire.

CAT5 was used in telecom cabling long before networks were popular. You see, even though MANY people think that VoIP is a new technology, NEC first sent Voice over Data lines over 50 years ago, that's why the 3-Com and Cisco VoIP systems rarely work worth a damn and if they do, it's with a stripped down feature set, even the CISO guys agree that their VoIP stuff sucks, 3-Com just wants out of the VoIP market now..

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by Oz_Media In reply to

I just realized how far off track I went with my answer. Boy, pent up frustration or what !!

It's a nasty market, run screaming!

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by TheChas In reply to Why is cat 5e rated in Me ...

ALL serial data connections use analog signals that are modulated with the digital data.

The frequency ratings for CAT 5 and 6 cables give your the minimum highest frequency carrier that the cable can reliably function at.

The higher the carrier frequency, the faster the data rate that the cable can be used at.


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by kernow_boy In reply to Why is cat 5e rated in Me ...

because 100MHz is easer to read than 100000000Hz

All wave forms weather analogue or digital are measured in relation to there periodic time, the recipical of this time is the frequency and is measured in hertz

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by kernow_boy In reply to

your average telephone circuit has a rage of 3000Hz

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by kernow_boy In reply to

That should be range not rage

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