Why is it that every time I open your e-mails i'm attacked by a virus?

By cinamacosa ·
I have twice opened your e-mails and had to end up fighting long battles against the rogue virus "Security Tool"?

Can you please make a thorough security check?

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Whose emails? TR newsletters?

by seanferd In reply to Why is it that every time ...

I don't think it is TR, or there would be several thousand complaints.

If you really think it is TR, better to contact TR directly than to post in the forum. Site help and Feedback link is right at the bottom.

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Site Help and Feedback

by TheChas In reply to Why is it that every time ...

The Q&A and Discussion forums here at Tech Republic are peer to peer forums.

While monitored by the TR staff, the forums are not the best place to post issues you have with Tech Republic.

The best way to report a problem with the emails you receive from TR is to use the Site Help and Feedback link near the bottom of most TR pages. That way, your question or concern goes directly to the staff at TR.

That said, I think you will find there is a virus infection on your computer.

I just opened up a couple of TR emails and did not see any problems. I do get the text only version and if you get the HTML version, that makes use of browser features when you open it up.

I did not research the "Security Tool" virus. However, I strongly recommend you perform a full virus and mal-ware scan.

If TR had a widespread email infection, I know that you would see a long and tersely worded thread in the discussion section.

A lessor possibility is that your email provider has a server infection.


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