Why is not always resolving to correct IP address?

By cort21 ·
A quick run down of our setup. We have a private IP address that recently changed to We run a Windows 2003 SBS that handles our Exchange server. We use that same server to host Our website is hosted off site by a web hosting company. Our IP address changed about a month ago. The web hosting company setup a public DNS record for & everything was great.

Within the last week we are having some issues with resolving correctly. The problem seems intermittent. It is most noticeable for users with smart phones that get Exchange to their handset. When one of these phones isn???t able to talk with Exchange, I???ve found that in the web browser of the phone, navigating to results in a ???page cannot be displayed??? error, however navigating to does bring up our internal website.

I had a coworker call me at home last night needing into their email on their home PC and they couldn???t get into it by going to, so I sent them to & they got right in. When doing an nslookup on his machine, he reported to me that resolved to our old IP address.

About a week before we started having these problems, I changed the Lease duration on our DHCP server from unlimited to 8 days in an attempt to clean up our internal DNS entries. I also turned on ???scavenge stale resource records??? in the forward & reverse lookup zones the DNS server & set it to 7 days.

DNS is by no means my expertise, so if you can provide some direction on what I need to do to get things working again, I would really appreciate it. I have contacted our web hosting company & they don't seem to know what is wrong, I asked them to double check their public record to make sure it didn't change somehow, but haven't heard back yet.

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Update just takes time

by robo_dev In reply to Why is mail.frs-solutions ...

BUT shows about half and half 65.x.x.x and 69.x.x.x on whatsmydns. This just means the updates to all DNS servers is not yet complete. So take two aspirin and re-post here in the morning.

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Reponse To Answer

by cort21 In reply to Update just takes time

Thanks for that. I'm still a bit confused as to how our old IP address got back out "into the wild". We changed to the 69.x.x.x about a month ago and within 48 hours everything was fine. Then a little over a week ago we started having the problems I described. When I just checked all of them report 69.x.x.x as our IP, so maybe we're ok now. I'll monitor this for a few more days & report back!

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I would question whoever made the change....maybe they made a mistake

by robo_dev In reply to Why is mail.frs-solutions ...

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