Why is my computer restarting every night?

By joubaur ·
A few weeks ago, I reinstalled my OS, (Vista on a Dell, 3 years old,) because my Windows Movie Maker wasn't working correctly. Then spent several days getting all the updates, etc.. until everything worked fine again.

Wednesday of last week, right after patch Tuesday, I got the blue screen of death and spent all day trying to get Windows to fix it, even reinstalling the disc and booting from it, etc...
(BTW, did anyone else suffer this blue screen right after that update, (2/8/11) or is that just me?)

Everything seems to work fine now except, every single night it shuts down and restarts as if it is installing updates. When I check it does not list any updates as being installed.

Why is it restarting every night?

Can anybody help out here?

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