Why is my Dell Printer V313W not printing in colour?

By Jonathan Webb ·
My Dell Printer V313W is not printing in colour. Does the ink/cartridge have a shelf lif? If so, how long? It says that the cartridge installed is half full. It is also saying the black ink is now low. At the moment its printing faded grey and in only one third of the page. Would this be fixed by replacing all the ink cartridges?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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yes sounds like te cartridge has dried out

by markp24 In reply to Why is my Dell Printer V3 ...

The ink jet cardridges do have a shelf life, If you dont print often i find the cartrdge in the printers tend to dry up, but if sealed in the manufatuers contaiers, i believe its a 2 year lif max

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Run the cleaning procedure

by robo_dev In reply to Why is my Dell Printer V3 ...

From the Dell Website:

"If the quality of printing is uneven or fuzzy or there are streaks and lines on the printed page, it may be necessary to clean the printhead and align it properly. To perform these tasks, follow these steps:

Click Start.
Click All Programs or Programs and select Dell Printers.
Choose the printer from the drop-down list at the top of the window.
Click the Maintenance tab and click Deep Clean Cartridges. If necessary run the Deep Clean a second time.

The Deep Clean process uses a significant amount of ink so it is not recommended to run it more than twice.
Click Align Cartridges. To save paper, you can reverse the sheets printed during the cartridge clean and place them in the input tray for the Align Cartridge page. "

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