why is my hp pavillion zx5180 giving me problems

By nolanspot ·
first time i had one, it was withought troubl for months. then suddenly the power supply was shut off and it started to take battery power(even tho the power cord was in) second problem i had is when i got a new one.. this one was trouble free for months, then suddenly, it froze and a blue screen popped up saying somthing was wrong and it must reboot. From then on i cannot go on my cpu without it rebooting.. now about 2 weeks later.. i cant even boot it up.. the screen just stays black? wtf is up? could it be a hardware problem?

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A few things

by w2ktechman In reply to why is my hp pavillion zx ...

When a battery on a notebook is fully charged, the system will stop taking power from the outlet to start discharging the battery to some extent (oft. 20% from full).
So this is a point not to worry about unless it runs the battery all the way down.
If a BSOD happened, what was it. I do not recall a bsod that stated "Something is Wrong".
What was the BSOD, have you run chkdsk?
the HDD may have gone bad, or another item that is required to boot. update and reset the BIOS, then try booting. Is the BIOS displaying a message? If not, try going into the BIOS utility for system tools. Run the HW tests for the system, note any failures.

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Sounds like a heat problem

by mjd420nova In reply to why is my hp pavillion zx ...

As the unit ages, some of the heatsink comound between the CPU chip and the heat sink will leak out and what remains will lose its effectivness. Failure to boot at all now would indicate a fault in that circuit and not let the CPU start at all. A close inspection is needed, and if the CPU has white crusty material on it, remove the heat sink, clean the chip and sink and renew the compound. This will require some disassembly, if you are up to it.

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w2techman read

by nolanspot In reply to why is my hp pavillion zx ...

sorry for not being precise.. but wen the blue screen comes up.. it said somthing about a prblem with installation and that to check and make sure if any programs were installed correctly... and at the bottom of the blue screen it said beginning dumping of phissical memory or somthing liek that... i havnt seen it in a while because when i turn on the computer.. i see the first hp microsoft screen... but after that.. it just stays black... i tryed re installing xp with the cd;s i got with the cpu.. i hit f1 or w/e to boot up the cd and i reinstalled windows.. it still continues to not work when i turn it on? is this somthign that can be fixed?

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Do you have an add in video card?

by w2ktechman In reply to w2techman read

If so, go into the BIOS and check that both are operational. You may need to switch (temp) the monitor plug into the other video card.

If it will not get into Windows at all, even after a re-install, there may be a HW problem. Try unplugging all external devices except keyboard and mouse. Will it boot into Windows (or at least start to)?
If not, try flashing the BIOS. Then look into warranty, if it is under warranty, call support on it. If not, open the case.

Check that everything is plugged in properly. Usually, I unplug everything and then plug it right back in. Did this help?
If not, try going back into the BIOS. Compaq and HP/Compaq (press F10), or HP (press F2) to get into the BIOS. In the BIOS there is a utility to check all of the original HW and test it out. This can take several hours, but it should show if there is a failure anywhere, and give a good idea of where.

If everything is OK, then try re-installing the cd's for system recovery (back up any data first), and have the system be completely reinstalled as new.

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w2kttechman .. again it happens..

by nolanspot In reply to Do you have an add in vid ...

as i was attempting to repair the computer.. the blue screen of death came up again.. i write down what it said.. in the begging it says there is a KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR
then it says somthing about deleting the BIOS memory with caching and shadowing or somthign like that.. the tech info said
***win32k.sys-adress BF8E6958 at BF800000 Daestamp 3d6de5e5

then is says beginning dump of physical memory.. i let it sit for a few minutes then it said dumping was complete.. i then powered the cpu down.. idk how i can fix somthing when i cant even acces windows.. and i can oly boot up the cd.. all the (f) keys dont seem to work accept the one to boot up the cd? idk what to do? im thinking send it in for repairs???

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something to look at

by w2ktechman In reply to w2kttechman .. again it h ...

Look at this.
It suggests that either a bad block on your system HDD (virtual memory) -- run chkdsk

could also be a failing disk, bad controller board, bad memory.
If the tests passed, I would think that it is probably some corrupt data in your page file.

P.S. -- try escape key for BIOS entry

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w2ktechman thanksbro

by nolanspot In reply to something to look at

thanks for all ur help.. i finally got to the BIOS screen .. tab+esc right wen the cpu started up =/.. but anyway im now waiting for the long HDD test to run.. the short test ran and it passed.. so ima try the long test.. hopefully it fixes this problem .. if it doesnt.. ima try a BIOSsplash which should fix the problem... if it doesnt... then ima have to send it out.. thanks alot again for giving ur time up for me..i appreciate it

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