Why is my Internet Explorer 8 suddenly refusing to connect?

By ko6no ·
For the last few days I have noticed that in the early to late evening - after 8:00 PM local - when I launch IE8, it sits there trying to Connect with the progress bar not moving and showing a blank window. This is after a full day of launching and closing IE8 successfully. It is not my Internet connection as other PCs on the same router start up IE8 OK. If I restart the computer or just Log Out of Windows and log back in, IE8 again works fine. OS is Win XP SP3. I re-installed Internet Explorer downloaded from Microsoft last night, but this evening it stalled again.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Well I suppose

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why is my Internet Explor ...

What else is running at the same time that you are finding that IE doesn't want to start?

Things like Virus Scanners or just about any Network Utility spring to mind here.


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Following up on my question

by ko6no In reply to Why is my Internet Explor ...

The only things running are the AVG Virus Scan and Eudora Email client. AVG is running an indexing process, AVGIDSAgent.exe which shows spikes of CPU useage up to 100% about 5 seconds apart. But it seems to do that all the time, all day.

It happened again yesterday evening around 7:30 PM. When IE stalled out, I brought up FireFox which was able to browse OK. Then went back to IE and tried to access the Router Setup Page at with no success. Back to FireFox and could see the Router page and Internet OK. Reset the router and Windows shows network status connected but IE8 will still not access the Router or Internet. Restarted the computer and IE8 back in business. Seems like some resident component of IE8 is being corrupted during the early evening. Thanks. -ken-

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Might need to flush the DNS/ARP in the network settings.

Right click on your network icon in the system tray, then click on Repair...this
flushes out stale DNS, IP addresses, etc, and re-establishes the connection.

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Reponse To Answer

by ko6no In reply to Might need to flush the D ...

Thanks. But I had repaired the connection the first time it happened and it had no effect on IE8. As I related in my follow up, IE8 could not even connect to the router's setup page IP of And I determined that FireFox had no problem connecting and browsing when II8 would stall out. I still suspect that the AVGIDSAgent is preventng the connection until I either Log Out and Log In or until I Restart Windows.

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Problem Persists

by ko6no In reply to Why is my Internet Explor ...

even though I have disabled the AVGIDSAgent, Reset IE8, and anything else I could find mention of. Sometime in the early evening, IE8 gets sick and refuses to start up. At the same time, other Internet based clients - Eudora Mail, Newsrover, ping - are working, and FireFox will browse the Web. Logging out of Windows and logging back in makes IE8 work again. Windows Task Manager shows CPU useage at 5% with 2 second peaks to 99% at 40 second intervals. Using Windows XP, SP3. Maybe I'll just switch to FireFox.

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Problem Seems to be Solved

by ko6no In reply to Why is my Internet Explor ...

Reading some IE8 Forums indicated that Google Add-Ins can cause IE8 failure to start. I uninstalled Google ToolBar (wasn't using it) and Google Updater. MicroSoft Fix-It tool pointed to the SKYPE Add-In as a problem, so removed that. In IE Tools:Options:Manage Add-ins, I disabled almost everything except Yahoo! Search Bar. Now IE8 loads much more quickly and I have more Free Memory. And IE8 starts up without stalling in the evening. Not sure though because I had to Restart Windown after the Uninstalls. I need to let Windows run for a few more hours and test again.

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Reponse To Answer

by ko6no In reply to Problem Seems to be Solve ...

Following up after system ran overnight. Still not solved. After some number of hours, IE8 loses the ability to start and connect. Restarting Windows by Log Out / Log In or by CPU Restart makes it OK again.

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Problem is gone after lots of system cleaning

by ko6no In reply to Why is my Internet Explor ...

Stopping by for a final follow-up for anyone looking for answer to similar problems. IE8 would start up OK for the first several hours of Windows operation but would not start after Windows had been running for ELEVEN hours - as near as I could tell, not about 11 hours, but exactly 11 hours. I had to try a lot of configuring in the process of elmination, but after each effort, I had to wait all day to determine if it was successful. My system was plagued with slowdowns due to AVG virus scanning and SpyBot's malware checking and to some extent by a glut of old temporary files. The following steps seem to have made the system stable and IE8 is back to normal.

1. Used CCleaner to clear out dead files and Registry items.
2. Removed AVG11 Free and installed Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE).
3. Uninstalled IE8 and reverted to IE7. IE7 had same stall after 11 hours.
4. Halted the SpyBot TeaTimer which was conflicting with MSE.
5. Let Windows Update re-install Internet Explorer 8. IE8 no longer refuses to connect.

Impossible to determine what the problem was, but probably IE8 had a corrupt component. I had previously installed IE8 over IE8 which did not help. Thank You to the people who made suggestions. Good Luck to anyone with IE8 problems.


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