Why is my internet so bad?

By wompai ·
Hey guys,

So I have this internet connection at my home. Let me sketch the situation:

There's a router in the living room connected to it's wall socket and providing the internet connection. It's a Fritz!Box 7360. There is one pc connected to that router through a wireless connection. On the second floor there is an extender, there are two computers connected to that, one is on the same floor as the extender, the other is at the attic. There is another computer connected to the router in the livering room, this computer is also placed on the second floor. On the attic I got two computers: The one that is connected to the extender is providing a networkbridge for the other, since it's wireless adapter is more powerful then the other. It does not do more then that. There are only cables used between the two computers on the attic and one computer at the second floor which is connected to the extender with a wire. So, indirectly, each computer has a wireless connection to the router.

I know, this is a mess, but it should work. However, my ping is continuously higher then 300 ms. Additionally, it loses the connection very often. Shutdowns and lagspikes are very common. I have checked what the speed is of every adapter, of the extender and the router, I have checked the speed at which the slowest connection in the house should operate and that should be more then enough to play a game, but I can't do that.

Does anyone have any tips on how to troubleshoot this? Where an issue could be, and where I should check for issues? Any settings I should consider changing?

Thanks in advance.

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Radio waves propergate in a single plane

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Why is my internet so bad ...

So if you argument sake you want any WiFi connection on a horizontal plane you'll get a reasonable connection but if you then add another in a vertical plane it's connection will be quite poor.

What you are describing is exactly this different planes and slow to bad connections in the different planes. What I do in commercial installations is run a cable between the different levels and install a range extender on each level. So you have a cable backbone between the different floors and WiFi on each floor. That way things like cordless phones and fluro lights do not cause dropouts & loss of connection.


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