why is my iPhone 'Unable to Sign or Encrypt' ?

By rrains ·
On my Mac-Pro I have used the iPhone Configuration Utility Version 3.4 (283) to add my email SSL certs (Credentials) and root certs from COMODO (an Apple approved CA) but for email accounts other than my primary, I get this error message: "Unable to Sign or Encrypt"" "because identities for the address" "could not be found"

I have an iPhone 4

Is anyone able to offer any advise on this?

Many thanks

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Is this for MobileMe?

by robo_dev In reply to why is my iPhone 'Unable ...

I could be totally wrong but.....

i think the issue is that the settings for forcing encrpytion and forcing digital signature are two different settings and one of the two gets set wrong.

I am also guessing that part of the issue has to do with the Apple keychain dealing with BOTH your email address AND your Apple ID, as well as the certs/keychain for both has to be all aligned on both devices.

Again, these are just guesses.

there have been reported issues about certain Comodo certs being issued that somehow worked well with Windows, but were not quite kosher for the mac.

Note the issue back in March where hackers got fraudelent certs from Comodo, and Mac Safari does not catch that.

Probably not your issue, hopefully:

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Reponse To Answer

by rrains In reply to Is this for MobileMe?

Thanks, but i never use MobileMe, I have my own servers and set up my own services. But i can confirm the email account that does work is the same as my Apple ID. And thanks, I was aware about the COMODO resellers that were hacked - but I am assured that is resolved and new measures in place to prevent again.

My guess this is about the ID on the email, a free COMDO email cert has no ID on it, just the email address.

At this point, I am still investigating and researching a solution.

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