Why is my Laptop DVD drive not working or even showing up in my computer?

By garyelder.ii ·
I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Windows 7 and all of a sudden I can not see or access my DVD drive. It will spin up bu never read the disc. I had a friend that had the same problem and he updated to Windows 7 and all is well. I upgraded mine and it has the same problem can someone lead me in the right direction?

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Well you could test the Hardware

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why is my Laptop DVD driv ...

With a Boot Disc in the Drive and change the BIOS to Boot from the Optical Drive before the HDD and if that works the Drive is OK for that type of Disc you have in it.

However with DVD Drives they have 2 different color Lasers one for CD the other for DVD. If you leave one type of Disc int he drive constantly it will cause that Laser to loose intensity and eventually it will be unable to read that type of Disc. So if you where to leave CD's in the drive all of the time the Laser that reads CD's would eventually stop working. The drive would work with DVD's but not CD's. The same applies the other way as well.

So if you need a Optical Disc in the drive a lot of the time it's best to load a Virtual Drive for that Disc type and run off the HDD instead of the Optical Drive.

It also speeds up access times to your Virtual Disc and uses less power a vitally important thing if you are using Notebooks.

You can start with the Ultimate Boot CD available free here to test the Optical Drive


If that works try one of the Live Linux's that come on DVD to see if the DVD side of the drive works.


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