Why is my laptop no longer able to connect to the internet?

By tonyw ·
My laptop running Windows 7 was able to connect with the internet through my wireless network. Now it is no longer able to connect with the internet although it can see all other devices on the network. The network icon in the bottom right of the screen shows it connected to my network but states it's currently connected to 'Unidentified network - No Internet access'. I have no trouble connecting to the internet with my wireless netbook. Any ideas of what the problem is or how to solve it?

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It's a Windows 7 feature (ahem bug)

by robo_dev In reply to Why is my laptop no longe ...

The feature is you get yo learn more about how the WLAN is setup, and get to learn about removing/reinstalling your WLAN driver, and why not to trust Microsoft to make products that work properly and.....
The fix, as reported in some discussion groups is:

Go to Start - Search Box - TYPE "msconfig" - Hit Enter - Services Tab - Click the ceck next to ##Id_String1.6844f930_1628_4223_b5cc_5bb94b879762## Apple Computer, INC - Hit OK and Restart your computer.

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Reponse To Answer

by tonyw In reply to It's a Windows 7 feature ...

Thanks. Funnily enough, on starting up my laptop to follow your suggested fix, I found that all of a sudden it has automatically connected with the internet.
I looked at your suggested fix but can't find '##Id_String1.6844f930_1628_4223_b5cc_5bb94b879762## Apple Computer, INC' in the list of services under the Services tab.

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Re: Why is my laptop no longer able to /Windows 7 feature (ahem bug)

by imanother In reply to Why is my laptop no longe ...

If you don't subscribe to Windows Secrets, I suggest you do, preferably to the paid-for (by donation) version. In the article at the following page, Fred Langa describes his simple method of how to get out of this common problem:
If you are not a subscriber, you may not be able to access this page. If not, join up, you will learn a lot if you do.

As for the previous Opinion, doesn't it strike you as odd that the name of that obnoxious lot (Apple), so beloved of fanboys, appears in the string?

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