why is my mouse gon wild?

By Ausetx ·
ok, when i plug the laptop recharger to the laptop, the mouse stops and runs on and off it drives me crazy, when i unplug the recharger, the mouse seem to work properly :s
any ideas?
pls help!

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maybe you could

by Dr Dij In reply to why is my mouse gon wild?

create a video

'Mouse gon wild!'

hawk it on late nite tv. two gal mice kissing might turn on some pervs,
or maybe guy mice.

The audience of mice with a dvd player might be somewhat limited.

I did see this 'swarms' tv show of mice gone wild in australia. seems they do this every 10 to 12 years when rains make good harvests, and multiply by the millions.

Wasn't very attractive tho seeing doors open to a barn and a foot of mice pour out.

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Call it like you see it, Doc

by santeewelding In reply to maybe you could

I also see a mind run amok, if it knew how.

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