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Why is my services.exe process at 140,000k?

By curtis.barney ·
I am still having problems with unwanted javaw.exe processess starting on my server 2003.
I also noticed that when this is going on my services.exe process is large. The clients have trouble logging on when this is going on with screens freezing before the icons appear or programs locking up and everything on the desktop disappearing. Another bit of wierdness is that when I open task manager on the server and close it again their computers unlock. It has happened enough to make me dismiss coincidence. Any help?

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Can you shut down the JRE automatic update process?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Why is my services.exe pr ...

javaw.exe is part of the Java Runtime Environment automatic update process, I think. If you can disable the automatic function, that might help with your problem.

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First thing I would do would be to uninstall Java on the server

by robo_dev In reply to Why is my services.exe pr ...

Because either it is virus infected or the app is hosed.

Find the javaw.exe on the server, look at the filesize, date, and checksum and verify that it is actually the Sun Java virtual machine, and not some trojan.

There is a exploit of the Azureus BitTorrent client that makes your server a BitTorrent client, and that makes javaW go crazy.

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That's good to know...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to First thing I would do wo ...

Thanks! :)

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