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Why is nslookup returning numerous computers to one IP address?

By loco hombre ·
I have a windows environment with a Domain Controller that is server 2003. It is also my DNS server as well as my DHCP server. When I do an nslookup on a computer (compa.domain.local) it returns an ip address. When I use nslookup to check that ip address, I get a different computer. This happens with numerous computers on my network and I don't know how to fix this problem. I have cleared the DNS cache and restarted the DNS server service. Still no luck.

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what does DNS and DHCP say?

by CG IT In reply to Why is nslookup returning ...

I'd look to see what is registered in DNS and DHCP for the computer in question.

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Register with DNS?

by oldbaritone In reply to Why is nslookup returning ...

Did you set the stations to register their name with DNS upon login? DHCP and DNS can cooperate, but they must be set up properly.
(for server 2003)

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by loco hombre In reply to Register with DNS?

My DHCP leases seem correct. My computer for instance has one lease and is correct. DNS on the other hand lists multiple computers for the same IP address (and this for numerous IP address) so that I have about 10 IP addresses with each one pointing to at least two computers. What's really weird is that I have a "ghost" machine that seems to be coupled with many IP addresses. I can't find the machine but it is all over the place in nslookup.

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if DHCP handles issuing IP addresses

by CG IT In reply to DNS and DHCP

DHCP will not issue an ip address that's already in use to another client so sounds like some stale records in DNS.

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