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    Why is that my laptop shutting down automatically?


    by obetskie ·


    My friend gave me his old packard bell laptop from UK. I formatted the laptop since i wanted a fresh OS install. when I inserted the XP installer and the computer begin to access the DVD drive the computer will just shutdown. Thinking that something wrong with DVD drive I tried to have a fresh OS install via USB, Unfortunately i experience the same thing but this time the computer will shut down after the driver is loaded. There was a time that it will not shutdown automatically but there are BSOD messages: 1) Error 0x000007b. 2) something like my hard drive is failing.

    Action Taken:
    1. I checked my HD with HDD regenerator and it’s fine (no bad sector).
    2. I cleaned the RAM and insert one stick at a time.
    3. I checked the Cpu fan and its ok.
    4. I put some thermal paste on CPU.
    5. I remove the DVD drive.

    after doing the above, the problem still exist.

    I search the problem in the internet and i found out that packard bell has a recovery software. To make the long story short i successfully restore the factory setting of the computer and i found out that it’s just a XP home edition service pack 1. Since I can’t install the third-party software using SP1, i upgraded it to SP3 and it was successfully done.

    I did some test by playing a video on youtube and the problem still exist.

    My question now is what seems to be the problem of my laptop. Is it Mobo or RAM. by the way the battery is not charging.


    Packard Bell Easynote E4 Series
    Mobo: NEC Computer International, Model Rhea B
    CPU: Intel Pentium M 710
    Bios: Insyde Software Corp version R.1.08 (10/16/2004)
    Display: Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Video Controller
    RAM: DDR 256 (2)
    HDD: 40gb
    Core: Intel?? i855GME North Bridge
    Intel?? Extreme Graphics 2 embedded

    I hope somebody can help me. thanks

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      by obetskie ·

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      So, you have it installed now?

      by seanferd ·

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      The same stop code doesn’t mean the same thing at installation as it does in a running system. You need to provide 1) the current stop code if different and, 2) the error message. (For example, the message from your installation BSOD could very likely have been “Inaccessible Boot Device”.)

      Otherwise, you can just searc the error code yourself. There are any number of reasons this BSOD and halt could be generated. Tip: If the computer is shutting down before you see the message, disable the “restart on system failure” option in System Properties → Advanced → Startup and recovery Settings → System failure: Automatically restart.

      Could be this:

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        Reponse To Answer

        by obetskie ·

        In reply to So, you have it installed now?

        Yes I have successfully installed windows XP by using the Restore software of packard bell but i jst want to know why is it that everytime i will access my dvd drive or play a video the computer will shutdown. anymore suggestion please. thanks

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      The heatsink is what goes on top of the CPU.

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Why is that my laptop shutting down automatically?

      The photo you supplied at the other link

      Is the CPU not the Heatsink. If you look on page 10 here

      You will see the Heat Sink which is held in place by what appears to be 4 screws. You need to make sure that the Heat Pipes and the Fins away from the CPU are not Blocked or broken. If the Heat Pipes are broken the Heat will not get taken away from the CPU and the unit will turn itself off to prevent the CPU burning out.

      Also if the Fins are blocked with Dust and other Air Borne Crud the Heat will not get pumped away from the CPU and the unit will shut down to stop the CPU from overheating.

      if you want to check for Software issues you can try a Boot Disc like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

      Burn the file to CD and then boot off the CD and run some Diagnostics. If the Unit still continues to shut down you have a Hardware Problem not a Software Issue. if it works perfectly OK you have a Software Issue and will need to take steps to find out what’s happening.

      You could also try a Live Linux and boot off that in the Optical Drive as well as the Ultimate Boot CD but the UBCD has a range of Diagnostic Tools which you can use on the hardware.

      But none the less if you want to use a Live Linux you can drop into your local newsagent and buy a Linux Mag with a Cover Disc and use that or download one of the free Live Linux’s here

      Personally I like the Knoppix Distro but really any of those listed at the above link will be more than sufficient for your needs. If have limited Download Bandwidth you can use Puppy Linux which is a Small Distro of about 55 MEG. 😉


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      Definitely not the Software

      by obetskie ·

      In reply to Why is that my laptop shutting down automatically?

      thanks seanferd

      The link that i supplied for the heat sink is correct. If you will scroll down the screen you will find the heat sink photo under the CPU. That’s exactly the kind of heat sink i have. To be honest this is my first i see this kind of heatsink. I am familiar with the heatsink in desktop pc.

      I am quite sure now that my problem has nothing to do with the software because although i successfully restore the backup software of packard bell the laptop still shutting down outside the windows everytime i will access DVD or USB. On the same manner when i play a video or access the DVD drive in windows the PC will turn off.

      I will the check the heatsink again. thanks a lot

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      irregular power

      by spitfire_sysop ·

      In reply to Why is that my laptop shutting down automatically?

      Having insufficient power can cause a raft of issues. If the battery is not charging it could be a problem with some internal power regulation (like a blown cap on the MB) or it could be something wrong with your charger and a dead battery. There is a place where you have enough electricity to keep the lights on but not enough to maintain RAM integrity.

      These sorts of things are often caused by faulty RAM. I know you said that you checked the RAM but I would recommend running a MEMTEST86+ boot CD for 24 hours. It will show errors in the RAM but it may also help you see other problems.

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