Why is there inconsistent sharing between 4 computers on LAN?

By roy ·
I just added a windows 7 netbook to my LAN. (intended for communication and resources while servicing computers)

The 3 XP computers on the LAN share without a problem.

The Win 7 computer can see all 3. Can access K and S. Requires a login on computer R. Computer R has never had a password.
There are more resources opened to share on R than the other two.

I have disabled the login requirement for sharing on the Win 7.

Why is Win 7 being stubborn?
It is making me feel like I have never set up LANs or sharing in my life.

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Just the way that 7 works

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why is there inconsistent ...

It has much more security than XP ever had and you need to adjust your LAN's to function with 7 not adjust 7 to work with XP.


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Reponse To Answer

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Just the way that 7 works

What LAN adjustments are you suggesting? Win7 will refuse connections from a client that does not meet the new baseline settings.

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by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Why is there inconsistent ...

Win7 has a bunch of networking prerequisites in the name of security. These things are normally good but they tend to be restrictive of XP. If you go through all of your settings you will find a few that need to be turned down to accept XP. Encryption and permsissions. All the default values are new.

You can make it work the same but it will take your time.

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7 and XP

by roy In reply to Why is there inconsistent ...

So my windows 7 laptop will be useless for servicing LANs and computers.
Taking my time does not go over well with a client.
I need immediate and transparent connection between computers

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by smith8378 In reply to Why is there inconsistent ...

I take it that these machine have been added to just a simple workgroup?
As has always been the case with shares these shares will need a password if they are in a workgroup. This has always been the case because the machine has no way to authenticate to them. So really what you can do to make everything seamless is to add another account to the machine that has access to all the shares, create this account on all the machines and then add this account to cred manager in windows 7 and windows xp for this share. Once you have done that you will not be prompted for a password again when accessing these shares.

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