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Why Is there no 'Virtual Space' in a user profile?

By The Scummy One ·
I would think that this should have been thought of long, long ago. What prompted this

We have a new projector on the ceiling in a meeting room. It is wireless (nice). However, I logged into a loaner as myself and installed the software (umm -- installed software to use a projector). Anyway, I logged off after testing it out -- it worked fine. A few days later, I was asked to setup the projector for an emergency meeting. I said 'no problem' as it worked fine.
Anyhow -- it DID NOT WORK, I could not get it to find the projector. I dropped a table projector in place after spending too much time trying to get it working.
Later on, I decided to fiddle with it and figure out the problem. I put local users on the loaner systems as Power Users -- because dumba$$es keep installing shlt and making me rebuild them too often.
When I moved the local account to the admin group -- it suddenly can find the projector ? (the SW was installed it just needs to run as admin to see the projector -- what dumba$$ thought of that?).

Anyway, then I thought about all of those companies that have meetings in there, most the users do not have admin permissions for on their systems.

So, I thought -- Why do OS's not have a virtual space to use? Would it not be nice to be a power user and have the ability to install some things -- not permanently?

I mean really, is this too much? To click a virtual mode button and NOTHING gets saved from that session once it exits? No writing to the HDD, or anything.
Personally, I would use it often -- like everytime I went to search for a new utility, or navigate through nasty websites. However, there can be many more uses, especially for those who get locked out of installing things by IT. Sometimes there are legit installs that are missed!

Just a thought -- anybody else?

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poor scummy

by Jaqui In reply to Why Is there no 'Virtual ...

been pissed on by microsoft's screwed user accounts.

since with any other os, any user can install into their own space, and by deleting the folder(s) from the install remove the app also.

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Not really the same.

by The Scummy One In reply to poor scummy

If there is a virtual mode -- even in Linux, a user can not only install shlt, but be able to browse less than trusted websites. If something happens, like a virus, it would require only an exit of the virtual mode to fix it, as nothing from that mode would get saved to the system.

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yup, it's called

by Jaqui In reply to Not really the same.


run all users in a chroot jail and nothing they do is permanent, it only lasts until they log out. [ end the session completely ]

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Did I read something about Window 7 having a virtual XP space?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Why Is there no 'Virtual ...

It's terrible to have CRS.

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The problem with the virtual XP is

by The Scummy One In reply to Did I read something abou ...

it saves all settings when you exit -- and restores them when you boot up.

I just think that user accounts would benefit from having an option to click a button and start a virtual space to do whatever -- without saving anything to the system whatsoever. I wonder how many less virus infections would go by tech's everywhere?

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