Why is there so many problems accessing the internet with windows 7

By jamescr ·
I have a MSI A6200-021US. I bought it a week ago. There toil free technical number is a joke. My old 6012RSH desktop running winxp3 works like a champ as far as the internet is concerned. Not So with my 1 week old Intel Core I5-430M. I had a friend access the internet on Monday. Trhough the RJ-45 connect and through the Wireless Connection. I have TWC as my cable provider and earthlink as my ISP. He was able to set up an account via Homegroup. But when I try to connect through the home group it states that since I cannot access the network then I cannot access the homegroup. This thing is kicking me in the rear end

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Through the Home Group?

by seanferd In reply to Why is there so many prob ...

Does the internet live in you LAN? If not (and it doesn't, trust me) why would you set up internet access through Home Group? That is for sharing files between your computers.

All you should have to do is open a browser, and you are connected to the internet.

If you have a modem/router which is already connected to the internet, you really shouldn't have to do anything.

Here are some general instructions if you need them. All the connectivity setup stuff is in the same general place in the Control Panel.

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If it worked before

by NexS In reply to Why is there so many prob ...

And you haven't made any changes, then your hardware is most likely the problem.

If you HAVE made changes, then take backward steps until you find the change that broke it and let us know.

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