Why is this Site set up so that my OmniPass software can't work on it?

By JADavis9 ·
Life is WAY too full of User Names and Passwords these days for ANY webmaster to design a site to make it even more difficult for their Users.
Every darn site has there batch of stupid rules as far as how many characters long, how many letters vs # of numbers, what special characters can and can't be used etc, etc, etc.
So for those of us who strive to make life a bit simpler be either using our home computer's browser's password feature or by buying an easy to use one such as Softex OmniPass, why is your site one of the only ones that I come across that won't let me even use the Custom deal to make it work.
I'm quite willing to go thru all of the darn steps the first time to save time in the future. But it let me store the User box location and the Password box location and the text to enter each but the OK button couldn't be programmed in to be pushed.

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