Why is Windows 10 not letting me set my Windows Admin USER name

By yq19820430 ·
when I reset my Windows 10, when I open cmd, the user path shown there is C: \Users\nitis> however my name is Nitish and I want that to be shown and windows 10 nowhere asked me to set my user name. I created a new Microsoft account for this but to no avail, cause everytime it uses first 5 characters of name

when I tried to reset windows 10 using previous Microsoft account... it used first 5 characters of my last name.

please help me...........
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Re: user name

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Why is Windows 10 not let ...

Just make a new user account nitish and start using that. Transfer what you need from nitis to nitish with File Explorer and when all is fine delete user nitis. Should work. No reset needed.

If, for some reason, you can't create nitish because there already is a nitis, then first create xxx, then delete nitis (including home folder), then create nitish, then delete xxx. Still no reset needed.

Moreover, the user name is only equal to the folder name in c:\users for a new account. In Control Panel>User accounts you can change the user name you use in logon, but that doesn't change the name of the folder in c:\users. So you can very well have a user xxx with his files in c:\user\yyy (after first creating a new user yyy, than changing the username in xxx). That's by design, but some people, like you, don't like it.

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