Why isn't C++ used in Web-Development?

By kosmik5 ·
A lot of People see similarities between Java and C++ .

But when it comes to web development JavaEE is being used. Whereas C++ has little support on that? C++ is fast. So why it isn't used in web development?

Thank You

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Reason for C++ not used in Web-Development

by finesofttechnologi In reply to Why isn't C++ used in Web ...

The reason behind why C++ is not used for web development is that C++ is not integrated into a client side language such as JS, jquery, etc and other scripting language like markup language (HTML) and C++ is difficult to transfer data to the database.

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Because it's irrelevant, I guess

by shep89pavl In reply to Why isn't C++ used in Web ...

Let's be clear about it, C++ is out of date too much as well as huge enough for purpose of using it for a web development. Other scripting languages like JS took an advantage not only because of the features they could bring but because they're lightweight as well. Take a look at this pdf editing tool written in JS, as an example Could you imagine something like that with C++?

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C++ is Out dated

by stephenchongsg In reply to Why isn't C++ used in Web ...

The reason that C++ is not used for web development is the difficult to customization. In spite of being light it difficult to produce effects same as Jaev or the PHP. since these languages have developed too much and many frameworks have come which make the task of development easier. moreover the C++ application id difficult to integrate and you need to write long codes for each element.

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