Why isn't Javascript working on my pc?

By Wandy1516 ·
I bought this Dell computer about 3 weeks ago. The only major change that has been made to it was that McAfee was uninstalled (had few days left to expire). Now the javascript doesn't work on my IE. I have Windows 7. I try to login to websites and the Login buttons when clicked, do nothing. I get a message saying I don't have Javascript enabled/installed. I've tried accessing different pages but it happens on a lot of pages, some pages don't even display the content, like Hotmail or Facebook, etc. I went to Internet Options but scripting is already enabled. I went to manage add-ons to see if something was blocking it, but there was nothing out of the ordinary there. I even disabled my firewall but nothing has changed. I scanned my computer for spyware but it picked up nothing at all. I don't know what else to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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by robo_dev In reply to Why isn't Javascript work ...

Click on 'Do I have Java?' There's a big red button that says 'verify Java version' on the red button.

if that button does not indicate that you do, then look for the 'Get Java' button, also listed as 'Download Java Now'.

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by seanferd In reply to Goto

robo_dev, I'm astonished! :0

Java has absolutely nothing to do with Javascript.

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"I don't have Javascript enabled/installed."

by seanferd In reply to Why isn't Javascript work ...

What browser and extensions are you using?

If you use, say, Firefox with the NoScript extension, you'll need to allow necessary scripts from the NoScript menu.

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May need to uninstall then reinstall IE

There is also a chance that some stray McAfee garbage is leftover...McAfee
is notorious for this, so you may need to run something like Revo Uninstaller,
get rid of all traces of McAfee, then uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer.

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