Why isn't there a Windows backup like Mac Time Machine?

By chris ·
Here's the deal:
My Mac backup is automatic - I can go to my Time Machine backup drive (USB 1TB) and it is exactly like the drive it backs up - applications, settings, preferences, folders, files, etc. all intact - and multiple chronological copies.
I can open, move, search, and copy files, burn them to disk, email them, and I CAN BOOT FROM THE DRIVE IF MY PRIMARY DRIVE CRASHES. And I take the drive home with me every day. When I start my workday, I simply plug it in.
With Windows backup, and third party backup software, you only get a proprietary backup file that has to be recovered in its entirety before you can even use it.
I don't get it. It seems like someone would create a solution that basically clones your hard drive once to a network or removable drive, then automatically updates all new and changed files and settings without user intervention.

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good question...

by ---TK--- In reply to Why isn't there a Windows ...

I have no idea, lol... but what I can offer is an opinion.

I would rather back up data, and data only. Why? because every time I build a machine or reinstall an OS, I create a ghost image of the OS and all my "normal apps". This way when windows decides to get a virus or some strange file corruption occurs.... I just reinstall the image, run my updates, and pull my data back down...

The re-image and updates takes about 30-45 minutes... then sometimes I will make a 2nd image... So, next time I don't have to pull as many updates down. I reapply the image usually once a year to keep everything running smooth...

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Not an ideal solution

by chris In reply to good question...

I can appreciate that method, but when you reinstall the image, don't all software updates such as newly installed programs, Windows patches, application updates and installed plugins done since the image get left behind?

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Well probably because

by Slayer_ In reply to Why isn't there a Windows ...

MS gets in **** whenever to offer free programs as part of the OS. Apple is the only company that seems to be immune.

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Third party developers are welcome

by chris In reply to Well probably because

I'd be thrilled if a third party developed Windows backup software that works like Time Machine.

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I saw this discussion and it made me want to try this...

by Ron K. In reply to Third party developers ar ...

http://www.rollbacksoftware.com/ <br>
It's a 15 day free trial. If I don't have any problems with it I may buy 3 licenses for here at home.<br>
I have Norton Goback. I am unimpressed.

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That's an interesting product, Ron ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I saw this discussion and ...

I might give that a blast myself.

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Please let me know what you think.

by Ron K. In reply to That's an interesting pro ...

If you can find the time to do so. <br>

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On second thought, I won't trouble you.

by Ron K. In reply to That's an interesting pro ...

I've been reading more on it and I'm going to finish out my trial, go back to a restore point, blah blah, and if it works as advertised I'll just buy it. <br>
I don't want anyone feeling somehow obligated to me. :)

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Easy answer is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why isn't there a Windows ...

With all Microsoft Products

Near Enough Is Good Enough

Windows isn't a great OS it's a passably good OS that lacks a lot of the necessary things to make it good let alone great.


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Near enough.

by santeewelding In reply to Easy answer is

Could have been better, though. The closer you get to the psychology of the poster, the closer you get to best.

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