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Why isn't .TMP file flushing after file save?

By J9 ·
I have a user with a new computer running XP o/s and Office 2000 SP3.

Her default file location for Excel is on the network Novell)to her personal home directory for which she has FULL rights.

After modifying a workbook and then saving, an additional file is getting created with how the workbook looked before the modification.

The additional file getting saved uses the same name but then adds ~*****.tmp (not actually **** but what appears to be random alph/numeric characters...example rf1c7a3.

This never used to be the case on her prior system (95 with Office 2000 SR1). She has full rights on her home directory on the network. This is NOT an issue with our other network systems.

Why is this happening and how can I turn it off?

When she initiates a file open, these files are visible even though they have a .tmp extension and file of type is Excel workbook.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Why isn't .TMP file flush ...

This just happens. The Office products just don't always clean up their temp files very well. Windows also uses TMP files, and it doesn't get rid of them well either.
Your user can use the new Disk Cleanup utility to clean up these files. On the XP box, have the user, on occasion, click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup.
It will scan for things it can clean up, like TMP files, and other things. It is an easy wizard for the user to use.

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by J9 In reply to

I am familiar with Windows and Office temp file creation. However, we are not experiencing this issue with other users (same desktop, o/s, office ver, network setup etc.).

This same user had not experience this issue either until her system was changed out.

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by CptOmlly In reply to Why isn't .TMP file flush ...

I'm with Joseph about why this happens. I don't know either. We regularly have to delete .tmp files from user's machines for some problem or another.

I DO have an idea about how to keep them from showing up in the File>Open menu. I believe this is happening because, at one time or another, someone had to try to open a .tmp file with Excel (perhaps for recovery??), and mistakenly checked "Always open with this program". If you go to HKEY_Classes_Root and delete the key for .tmp, those files should no longer show up in the File>Open menu.

Hope this helps.

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by gregory.ginter In reply to Why isn't .TMP file flush ...

I've noticed the same situation. If you look at tasklist, you will probably see winword.exe (or excel.exe, etc) still running. Those tmp files will stay around as long as the exe is running. I don't know what mechanism is keeping the exe running though.

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