why motherboard has no sound ??

By zackery69 ·
ok i recently put a pc together and dosnt have any sound? the motherboard was previosly in a computer and it had sound before hand. but for some strange reason it has no sound now. sound drivers are installed and everything seems to be runny the way its supose to but just no audio comes out of the board through the front ports or the back ports.... i then installed a sound card and still had no sound. i set it up to run from the sound card and everything still no sound ..
does anyone know y i have no sound on the sound card or on the board it self ... it plays music but no sound . its all done the way that you would usally install sound but ive tried everything and it just dosnt wanna work for me so if anyone could please help with advice it would be muchly apreciated...

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Well if you had of told us the M'Board Make & Model

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why motherboard has no so ...

As well as the OS in use here it may have been easier to attempt to help you.

Firstly what type of Sound Card did you add here? Did you also enter the BIOS and Disable the On Board Sound?

Supposing that you have some form of Windows in use here have you looked in the Sound & Audio Device Window and made sure that your preferred Sound Source is what is selected.

Also depending on the M'Board disconnect the Front Sound Ports and see if there is any sound now. Some of the Realtech High Definition On Board Sound Devices use a different Pin Out to the Older Front Panel Connectors which kills off all sound from the Sound Device on the M'Board.

Also when you installed the Driver for the Original Sound Card was it before or after you connected to the Windows Update Server? If it was after Realtech Sound Devices do not work properly and you'll need to reinstall the OS again and this time Install the Sound Driver before connecting to the Windows Update Servers.


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Music But No Sound?

by dogknees In reply to why motherboard has no so ...

If this is the case, what sounds are you expecting? Have you checked the Sounds options in Control Panel to make sure it's supposed to make a sound?

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Check your settings

by wompai In reply to why motherboard has no so ...

First off, I would begin checking your settings in the BIOS and in Windows. Everything sound-related should be checked. Tell us if you find something interesting.

Good luck

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Try this.

by Sandy@ In reply to why motherboard has no so ...

Go to "Control Panel"
Double click "Sound and Audio Devices Properties".
Select "Audio" tab
Under "Sound Playback" section look at the "Default Devices" selected.

Sometimes it is a problem with default device selection. The sound goes to some other device which is installed but not connected to the system.

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If you are getting music, but no sounds

by NickNielsen In reply to why motherboard has no so ...

I'm assuming the music is coming from the CD/DVD drive. Check the Master Volume control to be sure WAV audio isn't muted. It shouldn't be, but stranger things have happened.

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Low or No Sound From Motherboard

by helpermonkey02 In reply to why motherboard has no so ...

This happened to me and the problem was I had the "HD Audio" front panel audio cable connected to the motherboard. This kills the on-board audio! What you need to do is disconnect the front panel cable from the motherboard and add the two little jumpers between the 9 & 10 and the 5 & 6 pins. These are the two between the 7 pin & the missing pin. Once the jumpers are in place the rear on-board audio should work again, at full strength. Search for "Front Panel Audio Jumper" for images and more info.

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