By lubester2001 ·
OK I have an acer aspire 4530 laptop
my mouse left button don't work right
my keyboard don't work right the buttons
Sound are heard when the buttons are depressed
And if I hit like the H key the help menu pops up similar
keys did different functions but the keyboard wont work the way it should
i updated the drivers, the keyborad works fine in bios i removed the battery
and still nothing.....HELP.........

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When you say 'mouse' you mean the trackpoint, or an actual mouse?

by robo_dev In reply to WHY? MOUSE AND KEYBORAD ...

What OS? (Windows XP?)

You say the keyboard works in BIOS....did you do an actual Diagnostic test on the keyboard and touchpad? This would validate that it's not a hardware issue.

Does external keyboard have the same issues?

Note that some laptops have 'extra keys' that do special things....but you need to load a special application and/or driver to make these work for some units.

Did anybody change the language? French keyboard is different, for example.

Since many viruses do keystroke logging, I would wonder if this is a virus that is the main problem if the hardware checks out OK.

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