why mouse stops working when i connect the LAN cable?

By lawnorder2010 ·
hello friends,
my laptop??s touchpad stops working when i plug in the LAN cable, but starts working again the moment i take the LAN out.
what is strange is that an external mouse will keep working even if i plug in the LAN.
i am afraid someone has hacked my computer, or at least its a virus, though i have kaspersky 2011.
by the way i am using

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Odd problem

by robo_dev In reply to why mouse stops working w ...

What OS?

If it's Windows, my first thought would be that the drivers for the touchpad need to be updated or reinstalled.

Many laptops have a feature to automatically disable the touchpad when you're typing...does yours have this?

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Reponse To Answer

by lawnorder2010 In reply to Odd problem

yes my os is windows 7 and windows vista
nothing like touchpad beig disabled, most probably, my internet connection is hacked, or something bla bla bla... i am really confused

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If this was working at one time

by robo_dev In reply to why mouse stops working w ...

then do a system restore back to an earlier restore point.

I would tend to doubt that a system hack would affect the touchpad. I

t's probably a simple Windows driver issue of some sort. In Windows device manager, I would try uninstalling/resinstalling the driver for the touchpad.

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