why my cpu on but my monitor light is blue screen dark

By zahiru3385 ·
but my monitor light is blue screen dark

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Well assuming that by CPU you mean the Computers case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why my cpu on but my moni ...

And the Monitor is still In Stand By with no display it's possible that the Video Lead is no longer fully plugged into the Case and has part way pulled out.

Or that the Video lead from the case to the monitor is correctly fitted but has slightly pulled out the Video Card if there is one fitted and you do not have on Board Video.

Or that the Video Card or On Board Video has failed and needs replacing.

Or that the Monitor has failed and it needs replacing.

Or that the Power Lead has slightly pulled out of the socket on the back of the monitor and needs to be plugged back in.

They are the most obvious things but if they are not the case here we'll need more information like the Make & Model of the Computer, the make & Model of the Monitor and other important things like that.

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