Why My Domain Is listed as Spam

By wael.altaqi ·
i have registred a domain a while ago and i'm running Qmail Linux as an e-mail server.
When i send an e-mail to Yahoo, Gmail , Hotmail and other accounts, My e-mails are being listed as spam ....
How can i take my domain off the spam list?
I have to mention that i don't have a static IP address assigned to my line. It's only a Dynamic IP i get from my ISP used with DDNS ...
i will appreciate any help on this.

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Re.: DDNS is not enough

by Karpi In reply to Why My Domain Is listed a ...


DDNS only sets the IP with a specific Hostname.
The most providers check for an MX-Record of the sending domain.
Most Mail-Servers have the ability to send your Mail via an "official" Mail Account. So your Mail is treated as if it was send by an official Mail-Provider.

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Re.: DDNS is not enough

by the.liquidated.prophecy In reply to Re.: DDNS is not enough

As what the above person said.

Also, have you tried calling your Internet Service Provider and requesting they set you up a Dynamic IP Address?

Seen as you're using Linux, you could set up a BIND config to set up your MX Records to prevent this.

Further details are available on this website:

I hope this helps you.

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Dynamic IP & Spam list?

by wael.altaqi In reply to Re.: DDNS is not enough

I have a BIND DNS server but it's only serving the inside network. I registered my domain with GoDady and fom some reason i couldn't modify the DNS section of my domain to make my DNS server a primary DNS server for the domain.
I believe that it's an IP addressing issue. spam filters keep a list of dynamic ip subnets and block any domains coming from those IP addresses.
I have setup a MailScanner/SpamAssassin/ClamAV Linux spam filter which works great. One of the spam filtering techniques used is to check the IP address of the sender and comparing it with a list of spam/Dynamic IP address and reject any messages coming from that IP.
the easiest way is to get a static IP address
I was wondering if there is a way to bypass this to make my Dynamic IP address legitimate in spam lists.

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