Why my dotnet code not working in vista...

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I have done a project which is working fine in Windows XP. But it is not working in Vista. Due to a error in these coding my design of my project is collapsed. The error throughs in these line...

If Process.GetProcessesByName(Process.GetCurrentProcess.ProcessName).Length > 1 Then
MsgBox("Application already running")
Exit Sub
End If

when i comment these lines. It works fine in vista.

Do any one have any soln for thes plz reply me...

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RE: Why my dotnet code not working in vista...

by ravi.nov6 In reply to Why my dotnet code not wo ...

Turn Of the UAC. It will work.

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Or read up on....

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to RE: Why my dotnet code no ...

how to work with UAC instead of creating something that requires security be disabled to run.

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To work with UAC

by ravi.nov6 In reply to Or read up on....

Go to control panel->user control->Turn off the UAC

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And then...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to To work with UAC

when you try to sell this piece of security disabling trash that you call a program and tell the customer to cut their security down so your program can function, if they have a brain they will tell you to go to **** and you will not be developing much longer. All because you are lazy, sounds good to me.

Software should not need to have potentially detrimental actions taken to make it work.

By the way, I don't think UAC is the greatest thing in the world. I don't quite understand why it is okay for Mac and Linux but not for Windows. It is however a security measure that is part of the operating system. If you write programs that only work by disabling OS security, you are writing trash and should not have a job.

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UAC and Process.GetCurrentProcess.ProcessName

by samme712 In reply to And then...

I am also attempting to address the fact that our program does not work on VISTA and errors at Process.GetCurrentProcess.ProcessName
After reading the post as well as NaughtyMonkey's reprimand, I checked the VISTA machine I'm testing on and the UAC is already turned off. I did not originally set up the VISTA machine. Consequently, I do not know what the default settings were, if they were modified, why they were modified, and who modified them. But, because UAC is already off, I have to assume the problem is not UAC related. I'm also test the program as an administrator and still have the same problem - basically that the named process cannot be found.... Any ideas?



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