Why my post are not getting live?

By paulettecmonroe ·
Hello guys , i am new at here.I am exploring this community and already have contributed with my opinion. Today i have replied in 2 discussion but while i am posting it is not getting live.I can't find my answers or post on the thread.please let me know if there any technical problem or any mistaken by me.
Thanks in advance.

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My guess is something triggered the spam filters...

I manually reviewed your posts and removed the spam flags. Over the years, many spammers utilized similar posts as yours and the automatic filters can sometimes flag legitimate messages as spam, preventing the post from appearing in the discussion thread. My apologies for any inconvenience, and I hope you enjoy our forums.
Thank you!
Wiz <{;-)
Forum moderator

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This happened to me too

by Baz_Edwards In reply to My guess is something tri ...

I'm new to the forums and wanted to share a tip which I found useful but doesn't seem to be getting live.

Maybe I have triggered the spam filters, but I'm genuinely trying to help people and share my best tips in the hints/tips section. Please help.


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Working on it, hehe!

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to This happened to me too

looks like the spam filters were triggered when you included the web link, happens sometimes, I get around this by just typing in the website, such as when someone wants a suggestion for Windows software for image handling, I'll just tell them to go to and leave off the "http" part!
Wiz <{;-)

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Should I repost?

by Baz_Edwards In reply to Workiing on it, hehe!

OK no worries, thanks for clarifying.

Could you reinstate my post please, or shall I try to repost without the protocol (https part)?

Also, I couldn't seem to change my username from oce_eddie to Baz Edwards, could you assist with that at all please?

Many thanks.

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Don't repost...

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Should I repost?

I'll try some things on my end, still have a few tricks up my sleeve. If I can't get your post to go through, I'll let you know!
Wiz <{;-)

ps...I think I've got it posted now, see if it loads for you!

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As for your username...

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Should I repost?

I'll try...haven't done that in a while, but shouldn't have any problem. Note that your password will REMAIN THE SAME, only the username displayed will be changed, and it may be "ran together" in one word, such as
Baz_Edwards, note the underscore. If I can't get an underscore (I couldn't on my username, so I used the "dash") I'll do the same with yours, the dash between names.
Wiz <{;-)

edited to add...there, username changed! How's that look to you?
Let me know if I can assist further!

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All sorted!

by Baz_Edwards In reply to As for your username...

Thank you very much for your help with both of my issues my post is there and username changed. Thank you very much. Cheers!

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by tcavadias Staff In reply to Working on it, hehe!

Forums use BBcodes so you can use this as well to insert a url :-)

- Tam mug

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Problem solved !

by paulettecmonroe In reply to Why my post are not getti ...

Thanks for your kind response,I just the problem solved ,
hope it won't occur further.
and thanks again for other members how they respond at here.
hoping for the best.

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Something was wrong there!

by vaktamondal2 In reply to Problem solved !

Hello I am newbie here. I also would like to know about this. Thanks!

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