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    why my Reformatted Windows XP sp2 won’t connect to LAN?


    by xanderxerxes ·

    Hi guys! I need help, I know this might have already been asked but all the fix i have read so far hasn’t worked yet. first things first. I have 2 laptops and both uses the same cable(i interchange them). this network is shared in the whole building and the caretaker says that you only need to plug this and it should work. Well both were working back then.

    But I had to reformat one and after doing so It just won’t connect. I have updated the network driver but to no avail. It only shows “Network Cable Unplugged”. I don’t know what else to do here. thanks

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      by xanderxerxes ·

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      In “Device Manager”

      by kenone ·

      In reply to why my Reformatted Windows XP sp2 won’t connect to LAN?

      what does your NIC look like? Does it have a yellow exclamation mark after it? A red “X”?
      In “Network Places” what does the “Local Area Connection” show you? Is it disabled?

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        by seanferd ·

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        did you ever set up networking? There are several Networking Wizards in the Start → Programs → Accessories → Communications menu.

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          still a no go

          by xanderxerxes ·

          In reply to Also,

          the icons in the device manager is ok, My Local Area Conn’s status is “Network cable unplugged, Firewalled”

          I’m currently on the laptop that is working. when the cable is unplugged the icon in the tray is x’d out. Once i plug the cable in the icon reflects that it is connecting. With the other laptop it seems that it doesn’t even detect that there is a cable already in it.

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          by xanderxerxes ·

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          I also tried using the connection wizard. not the slightest change

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          Compare them.

          by charliespencer ·

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          Compare the network settings of the working system with the non-connecting one.

          Also, why did you reinstall Windows on this system? That might be relevant to your current problem.

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          Not to mention

          by oh smeg ·

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          That when you did the Network Setup did you apply Static Addressing or Automatic Addressing?

          If it was static and another connected computer int he building has the same address you’ll have problems.

          Also have you looked in the Socket that you plug the Network Cable into and made sure that there is nothing stuck in there or that it’s not broken?


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