Why one of the wireless networks is very slow with my laptop?

By andrewmarian ·
I am trying to connect Toshiba R630 Laptop to one of the wireless networks in the office. We have three wireless network setup out of which one is proxy enabled to which I am able to connect but the connectivity is dead slow for me while other laptops just work fine. a) I have all rights to connect to the proxy. b) I tried the same network thru wired LAN it works fine. At the same time I am able to connect to the rest of the wireless networks available which are open networks and they work great. I couldn't figure it out I need help

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You'll have to look at the way that this WAN is configured

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why one of the wireless n ...

Here as the other 2 WAN's work OK that tends to suggest that the NB itself is fine and that there is something related to this WAN which is the problem.

Could be almost anything but I would be looking at the Security of the WAN that is slow as a Starting Point.


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Network standards

by andrewmarian In reply to Why one of the wireless n ...

Thanks for the reply, in the mean time I found the laptop is using the Broadcom wireless adapter 802.11n whereas the access point is 802.11bg. we have totally three access points and today I realized that the laptop is able to connect all the three networks thru one of the access point for which I still didn???t check the standard hence I assume the network as such is not the problem but the rest two points are using 802.11bg and the network is dead slow. Has it got anything to do or something else should I check??

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Network standards

There are no problems with the N Connection if there isn't a N Standard Connection available it will default back to the fastest that is available should be G in this case but depending on the location and Signal Strength it could go slower.

I would be looking at the Number of Concurrent Connections or the rest of the Security Involved. Look at things like MAC Addressing as the most obvious.

It's quite possible that the system allows only Recognized Computers to connect at a base speed and ones which have been Hacked get the slower Speed.


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