Why one of two network ports drops after server reboot?

By mkoskenk ·
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Hi all,

for quite some time now one of two network ports drops when the server reboots. The green link light burns dimly and activity light is dark. I've got one 5400-series HP switch in my network room and another 2900-series HP switch in my server room. All my servers are connected to the 2900 series and from there I've got 6gig link to the main switch.

If I disconnect the cable to the server from 2900 series and plug it in directly to 5400 series the dropped port comes back alive and I can connect it back to the 2900 series. Whenever I reboot the server, the port goes down again. Speed/Duplex settings are set to Auto on both switches and also on server side. The two ports on server are teamed with HP Team.

How can I stop my port from dropping?


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Something random...

by gechurch In reply to Why one of two network po ...

Just throwing a random thought out there... with some HP servers the ilo (out of band management) port is shared (meaning two different MAC addresses). Could it be that when the ilo MAC address kicks in when the BIOS is loading the network disconnects the port due to it having an unverified device plugged in?

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by mkoskenk In reply to Why one of two network po ...

Hi gechurch,
I didn't even consider ILO would have an impact on this, especially when it does not play tricks on other servers with ILO. But I'll check this out when I'll get a chance. Thanks for the idea.

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