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    Why only now?


    by dodo2u ·

    I received info from TechRep on the MS DX-flaw (MS03-030) on Aug 6. The original MS Security Bulletin came in on Jul 24. Seems to represent about a 2-week’s delay. Doesn’t that impose an additional security hazard? (Provided y’all haven’t subscribed to the MS Sec Bulls ;-)))))

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      TR or MS

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Why only now?

      TR notified you, did Microsnot? Probably not, they don’t do that. Of course it imposes a security hazard but that should be realized before running ANY MS setup program. Maybe they should offer a useful license info page instead of the usual BS.
      “The software which you are about to attempt to install, has been tested with practically nothing. Our engineers have taken great steps to ensure that the software is just past it’s beta stage and should offer a host of holes for the malicious attacker to intrude. If you do not have the specific system we tested it on, you are almost guaranteed to have problems. This software is not intended for daily use unless you like to fix problems. Check with us daily and we may offer the odd patch from time to time. Once too many holes are found, we will create another beta version for consumer testing (make that retail sale)and not allow you to upgrade your existing out of date unpatched crap because our software likes to conflict with our software. If you have any problems or wish to report a bug, you should have bought Netware.

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        I was notified…

        by dbgirl ·

        In reply to TR or MS

        …by Microsoft last week.

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        I know I do not have English as mothertongue but I thought I . . .

        by dodo2u ·

        In reply to TR or MS

        “TR notified you, did Microsnot?”

        As I wrote: they did about 2 weeks earlier!
        Like you I’m not happy with the position and dominant role MS has gained over the years with OS’s and certain application software. I do remember the times one was almost encouraged to copy any MS software you wanted. As soon as they reached a major market share, they changed their approach.
        What! You’re using our software illegally! Bad boy! Now you have to pay!
        I detest their pricing policies as they have been developing over the years. When you are selling that huge number of software copies, you do not need such a high income per item. It only serves to make some people even more rich than they already were. Who’s the richest man in the world again?
        Where/what is the limit? Probably the sky, as a popular American saying goes. The MS brass certainly know no modesty anymore (if ever!) and seem to be abusing their leading position (partially achieved by making life miserable for competitors).
        I have never heard or seen an argument yet that could defend their scavengeing attitude morally or humanly.

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          Good Mothertongue

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to I know I do not have English as mothertongue but I thought I . . .

          Actually your statement is extremely clear and concise. Your command of English is better than mine at times. Your sentence structures are excellent.
          I would not have known if you hadn’t said do.
          It’s very nice to read such well written post.


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          Reply To: Why only now?

          by dodo2u ·

          In reply to Good Mothertongue

          Thank you!
          Must be a result of the combination of the educational system here in The Netherlands in my younger days and the fact that I spent a large part of my working life working for an American multi-national’s subsidiary in Europe.
          I’ve been traveling a lot internationally and that way picked up some grammar and idiom. It could have been better had I ever lived in an English speaking country but that was never part of the deal.

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      i wouldn’t rely on TR for security info

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Why only now?

      I’m not really sure how in depth I have to go with that statement. I did read the posts following the original.

      If anyone here is stupid enough to rely on a public forum like TR for their security updates, well then they get what they deserve.

      Most admins “should” know that you must subscribe to the bare min: bugtraq, ms security e-mails, focus-incidents, focus-ms, and focus-virus.

      I actually subscribe to alot more that I listed above. But I like to feel loved by recieving tons of e-mail.

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        Reply To: Why only now?

        by dodo2u ·

        In reply to i wouldn’t rely on TR for security info

        “But I like to feel loved by recieving tons of e-mail.”

        I get tons but most of it is SPAM! 😉

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        Just let me know

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to i wouldn’t rely on TR for security info

        I’d me more than happy to send you all my unwanted email. I have $3000.00 worth of “renowned” spam protection on my PO and MTA but get hammered because of the nature of my business.
        You mean to say you don’t feel loved here? I always get that warm fuzzy feeling when Max decides to try tearing a strip out of me, some of the other guys and gals really show their love too. That’s what keeps me coming back.

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          All I know is that … i can enlarge my penis

          by lordinfidel ·

          In reply to Just let me know

          ….SusyX5y8 really wants me.
          ….Chad watches me at work 87kxB
          ….Hot young Chicks want to fuck you aadmiin….

          and….I can own the worlds smallest webcam….

          if that’s not love, i don’t know what is. And to think they really care 9vgtw*g

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          by oz_media ·

          In reply to All I know is that … i can enlarge my penis

          Thanks for the smile 🙂

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          Reply To: Why only now?

          by djent ·

          In reply to All I know is that … i can enlarge my penis

          A new perspective on the true meaning of love.

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      Content styles

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Why only now?

      The TechNet security bulletin e-mail that you get is a notification from Microsoft that they have released a patch.

      Tech Republic is more of a news service with articles on specific topics released on a scheduled basis.

      When TR publishes an article on a specific MS patch, it is because of issues related to the patch.
      Either the security hole is very wide and potentially a serious problem.
      Or, there are problems with the patch itself that IT pros need to be aware of.

      If you look closely, you will see that TR does not publish an article about every MS patch.

      The TR articles should serve as a notification as to how critical the need is for a patch that you have been hesitant to deploy.
      Or, they can be an aid to work around problems from a bad patch.

      If you are looking for immediate notification of security problems there are other sites that you can visit or subscribe to that provide daily notification of security holes and breeches.


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