Why opening excel 2007 on a server takes 100% CPU when excel 2003 does not?

By Carolyn West ·
When opening a large excel file - say 5mb in excel 2007 on the server, it takes nearly 100% of the CPU. Opening the same file in excel 2003 takes only approx 30% of the CPU. Is this a server or an excel issue? - happens also with PDF files so thinking it is a server issue?

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Not much to go on here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why opening excel 2007 on ...

But I would be considering a Cross linked File or something similar in the Office Install.

However as 2007 uses a different File Format to save Excel Files if it's in an old Office Format it could also be correct as there is a Conversion that is involved with 2007 that isn't involved with 2003. As 5 MEG is at the upper Comfortable Limit that Excel can comfortably handle it could just be the Conversion that is pushing the server over the edge here.


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Real Test

by dogknees In reply to Why opening excel 2007 on ...

Have you tested this on identical setups? Same hardware, exactly the same build and all OS settings and configs. Only difference being Office versions?

Not saying you're wrong, but I've seen this so many times where the server/PC setups are different. Chasing wild geese is a losing game.

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