Why Outlook 2007 converts incoming HTML email to plain text?

By maache ·
I use Outlook 2007 and the problem is following:

Sometimes (too often, but not always) I receive email in plain text format even though it was sent in HTML format.
(I have tested this with my friend who is also using Outlook 2007)

Also if I send HTML email to myself, I am often (almost always) receiving it in plain text.

I cannot isolate the reason for this (I am not an expert).

My preferred style is set to HTML. Note: I do receive html emails sometimes - so this problem is kind of random/mysterious to me.

How I could fix this annoying "feature"?

All help appreciated!!

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took awhile for me to find this setting

by matthewham In reply to Why Outlook 2007 converts ...

Tools > Trust Center > Email Security > uncheck 'read all messages as plain text'.

Edit: Oh I didnt read too closely, you do get html sometimes. It could just be that the people sending the email are sending in plain text instead of html.

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many peopel avoid html email

by Dumphrey In reply to took awhile for me to fin ...

since its a huge security risk.

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Agreed, but...

by maache In reply to many peopel avoid html em ... business between trusted parties it is very often the only reasonable way (screenshots, tables, etc).

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Well its most likely the simplest way

by Dumphrey In reply to Agreed, but...

but attachments work well and can be pre-scanned, as well as being zippable to reduce the size of the mail message.
the problem with html mail is that you can't turn it on only for trusted parties, and some html email exploits do not require you to read the email, clicking on it to delete it is enough.
But your point is well taken. If you have little contact with random emails from strangers or spam, it is safe enough to leave on.

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I'm having same problem....

by gcitcah In reply to Well its most likely the ...

Did you ever figure out what was causing your problem? My Outlook 2007 is doing the same thing. When other people send me HTML mail, I can read it as HTML mail, but when I create an HTML mail and send it to others as well as myself, the other people seem to be able to read it as HTML, but my own email reads it as plain text, and I've already made sure no settings say "read as plain text"

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Answer to Outlook 2007 not displaying HTML email problem

by david In reply to I'm having same problem.. ...

This solved the problem for me, found at...

I found that the problem was from a new installation of AVG 8.0 free edition, on the client.

AVG scans every email and attach a "no virus ...." at the end.

I disabled the notification, and it's working fine.

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by snthorne In reply to Answer to Outlook 2007 no ...

You are absolutely right, brilliant, brilliant!

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AVG Problem

by ewaldner In reply to Answer to Outlook 2007 no ...

Disabling this notification fixed my problem as well. Thanks

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Thank You!

by priva In reply to Answer to Outlook 2007 no ...

No matter how many ways I entered in the words for search on MS's sites, I got no hint. AVG didn't help either. Your answer was clear, clean an worked. I owe a debt of gratitude.

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Thanks! Concise, effective & easily found

by dstannard In reply to Answer to Outlook 2007 no ...

I should have checked here 1st. Good lesson on productivity.

Life was fine until I upgraded AVG from 7.5 to 8.x. But the intermittent nature and the lack of identifiable changes to settings & behaviors by AVG made me think that the problem was with the send - until I realized that I was losing HTML when downloading to Outlook.

Thanks for the solution

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