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why pay full price

By rob_serve ·
hey, are there any other people who get frustrated when they see people who arent so into tech buying gear at huge prices from shops. I know we have to support the smaller businesses but the other day i went into a shop and they were selling an emac for $1950!! I felt like pacing a small placard next to the computer saying "dont pay that fool".!
But with the advent of the internet and webshopping, i feel that i never ever want to pay full price for software or hardware again. I have to say it is kin of disheartening to look at a product in a shop and turn to my friend and say "i can get it cheaper online".

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In support of small businesses?

by Jessie In reply to why pay full price

There are those who would say, you should pay that extra bit to support small local businesses... and while I agree with that sentiment in part... I have to support my family as well, and anywhere we can save money is important. For small price differences, of a dollar or two... I support the local business... the local economy... but for large price differences, I go where I can find the best deal.

Now, also, the best deal may not go hand in hand with the lowest price. What kind of support do I get if something goes wrong with my product? Sure being a tech, I can fix the majority of my own problems... but what about replacement parts... there's the convenience of being able to go into that local shop and have them hand me a replacement hard drive... or wading through tech support phone lines, incompetent techs, and shipping delays... that give that higher priced local shop more bang for my buck.

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Shop around / convenience

by gralfus In reply to In support of small busin ...

There are times when having the item in my hands quickly is more important than paying an extra $20. However, when the price gets above that, convenience usually loses out to cost.

I have no loyalty to local shops because they generally charge way too much for stuff that I can get online. If the marketplace doesn't support their existence, they need to find a new niche. However, there are a ton of users out there that just don't know computers from a hole in the ground. That is why there are so many "0wn3d" zombie computers out there.

I had a roomie that made quite a bit of money selling old 386 computers to people, because he convinced them they didn't need any more power than that. Then when they realize they want more power, he upgrades them for a price, and so on. Quite a leech, and he is very slick at it. Makes around 1,000 - 2,000 percent profit on each PC. So don't wax too sentimental about local shops.

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In the all comes down to service

by Oz_Media In reply to why pay full price

Yes i will agree wholeheartedly that MOST retail boxes are not only poor quaulity when compared to professional workstations they are overpriced too. Many have much more appealing SPECS as far as a faster processor etc. but the quality is junk.

ON the other hand, I have seen two identical boxes at two different prices, I reccomended the higher priced due to the company providing it.

If ANYTHING goes wrong in the next 5 years, they send thier own techs out to repair/recover/replace it, 24/7 no questions asked, anywhere you may be in the world.

The other had a 3 year manufacturers onsite warranty, so you would call and book a tech, have him turn up in a day or so and if they brought the wrong parts it woud be a few more days etc.

The price difference in this example was EXACTLY $189.00 Canadian! Less than $200 wisely invested if you ask me!

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The same as any corner store

by jdclyde In reply to why pay full price

If you need asprin you can go to the local gas station and get two asprin for a buck or you can drive a few miles to the walmat, fight the crowds, stand in line and get 50 for four bucks. Quite a savings but it took a lot more time and effort.

The same with ANYTHING that you buy. I will pay the average five dollars more at a store rather than get it on-line because if the part goes bad I walk back in the store and they grab another one off the shelf and I am back up and going. If on-line I have to go through being treated like an idiot by the support as they go through their script before they will give you an RMA to get an exchange. Then I have to box it up and FedEX it out and wait for the new part to come in.

My time is worth more than that, and it only has to happen once. Already had my once, thank you anyways.

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