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Why pointless spam????

By Finn ·
I get lots of spam mails with nonsense text and a gif file as attachment (I have Windows to show the file type, naturally, so it must be a gif file and not a disguised .exe file; and my antivirus app doesn't yell, as it does when it finds a virus in an attached zip file).
And I just get it! What is the purpose of sending me such mail? There isn't any links 'they' want me to go to, and I can only scratch my head.
I use a probably unknown text only mail app (Becky), so I never see the html version of these meaninless spams.
Can anyone explain why anyone would go to the trouble of mailing such nonsense with - seemingly - no purpose at all? Thanks.
Finn Ekberg Christiansen

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Why pointless spam???? - Correction

by Finn In reply to Why pointless spam????

Sorry, it should've been 'And I just DON'T get it!'


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Because it works

by JamesRL In reply to Why pointless spam???? - ...

The GIFs are an attempt to defeat the anti spam software that looks for certain words. Its can't scan gifs for words, only text.

They do it because there are enough suckers in the world to make it work.

If they send to a million people, 1000 may take action and thats enough for them.


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You have THE point

by onbliss In reply to Because it works

One of my mail ids (yahoo account) gets spam almost everyday. Since it is not my primary account, I do not even bother to look at the mails. Nobody that I care knows about that email account. Like you said, they must be getting sufficient clicks to keep them in business.

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Not Pointless Spam

by Tom Defino In reply to You have THE point

Many times, by opening the email message that contains a graphic, HTML code or link, a status message is sent back to the sender's server reporting that the message was read (or deleted) and that the email address is valid. The info is then used to build a database of email addresses that actually work. A couple hundred thousand valid email addresses are worth a fortune in the "Black Hat" world.

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Sounds like....

by Roger99a In reply to Why pointless spam???? - ...

Sounds like you're getting the stock market spams. What they're doing is advertising hot stock tips in an effort to influence the market. I've noticed that they make up almost 1/4 of the spam I get and are being sent to addresses that never got spammed before.

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OK, so the .gif file is the point

by finnec In reply to Why pointless spam????

Thanks for your answers!
From what you wrote, I understand that the .gif files contains the messages (containing text in graphical form). I've never clicked those .gif files, so I haven't checked that. The problem is that I can't make a filter to kill that kind of spam, and I have a ton of filters, that catches most spam. Well, I guess theres nothing to do about the problem.

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Not true

by Roger99a In reply to OK, so the .gif file is t ...

It was the .gif spam that finally propted me to upgrade the spam filter I had (it's an enterprise environment) and ASSP does a very good job of filtering it.

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Can't run ASSP - needs a SMTP server

by Finn In reply to Not true

I use the free K9 as the first line of defence ( then a lot of filter entries is my mail program (Becky - - in English - shareware). NEVER used Outlook, always removing it from my pcs with Windows screaming and kicking.
But the 'pointless mails' are still coming in...

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