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Why restarting

By kevin ngobola ·
My computer runnign on windows 7 always restarts when am working, and then brings forth that green screen, what is the problem ?

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Spontaneous Restarts

by TheChas In reply to Why restarting

Spontaneous restarts are usually the result of a hardware problem. Usually bad cooling causing the CPU to overheat.

If this is a laptop system, make sure all the vents are clean and NEVER! NEVER! have the laptop on while it is setting on a soft surface such as a blanket or throw.

If this is a desktop, check the CPU fan and again make sure that the vents are clean. On a desktop, a failing power supply can cause the same symptoms.


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by markp24 In reply to Why restarting


It could also be bad ram (but usually you will get a BSOD with that) , can also be a bad powersupply compnenet, But agree with above, overheating is the most likly cuse, you should also vaccuum out the vents (on a laptiop i prefer vaccuuming them so your not blowing the dust into the internal components)

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And no matter what else

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why restarting

Open the BIOS and check that the Restart Settings for Temp are not too low.

All Modern BIOS have an option to restart the system when the CPU or some other parts reach a Certain Temperature you need to make sure that these are set high enough to prevent reboots during normal operating Conditions.

85C for the CPU is not too hot but it should be nothing lower than that temp.


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