Why Should Developers Scan Their Own Files?

By MrAnswerMan ·
Found this recent blog post that is pretty interesting and discusses why it's so important for multi-scanning to be included in the release management process for software developers.

It seems most developers don't scan their own files for malware since they trust the fellow members on their team, but this oversight can lead to difficulties in when the software is released.

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Lack of Diligence

by Vallum Halo In reply to Why Should Developers Sca ...

Is it that most development organizations are not that interested in security? Maybe they are too focused on deadlines? Maybe they are just lazy?

Don't want to be too judgmental, but it seems intolerable to me that a developer (or organization) would not scan their files. If they are not doing that simple activity, how can you trust them not to be inserting vulnerabilities and back doors?

Security requires a lot of diligence, definitely.

Nice article. Thanks for the read.

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