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Why Should We Care about These People

By brian.catt ·
HP Bug

But why should we even care?

These people are selfish greedy egomaniacs who climbed over others to enrich themselves at the shareholders and ordinary employees expense.

Such behaviour is a necessity to get onto and stay on the board of a US company.

None are there because they are nice, altrusitic and generous.

Fiorina proves the point beautifully by trying to make yet more money writing a book when she already earnt more than a normal person needs for a lifetime out of HP alone.

Can't we just ignore her and her book instead of publicising it??

And BTW the underlying subject matter was C level bandits bugging a journalist, neither category of person exactly at the top of the moral or intellectual food chain.

This is a technical site, where hopefully there are generally more creative and less greedy people who really don't relate to the morals of the boards of large corporations.

Where the subject matter is about people can't we stick to understanding and acknowledging the good works of people of substance and principle who are actually creating great things, and how to do a good job ourselves - and forget about the inevitable leeches at the top who tax our creativity?

Just what I think.

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