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Why some of us make virusus?

By ilmeda ·
there were virus in my it cost me a lot of money.why do some peoples create a virus?are we need it and for what

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Juvenile need for attention

by TheChas In reply to Why some of us make virus ...

I suspect that I'll get some negative comments for my post title.

However, the root reason for creating a virus in the first place is to show off their 'skills' get some attention, and perhaps strike back at the 'system' for all the bad things that have happened to the individual over the years.

I place virus creators in the same basic class as the people who have a neanderthal need to damage and deface public property.

These people need to take a new look at the world, and find a way to put their skills to use for the benefit of mankind.


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Oh How Terrible!

by admin In reply to Juvenile need for attenti ...

hehehee.... just kidding. I think you are right on for the most part. Those that figure out an exploit or virus possibility seldom need to code it, just explain it. When they do need to code it to prove to others that don't get it but need to for the well being of society, they never need to release it, or even finish it.

The creating or the thinking it up, in my opinion, does have it's place, and I appreciate those that share possible weaknesses to a system in a mature way amoung peers. To me, this process is healthy. Those that irresponsibly release exploits, however, that is the juvenile cry for attention and I agree with you.

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