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Why taser a 72 year old woman?

By maxwell edison ·
As much as I respect, in general, our nation's police forces, I also believe they overstep their authorities by leaps and bounds.

This may go against popular sentiment, but I don't believe that a police officer, by the mere fact that he/she pulled you over, has the right to demand that a person must obey all commands issued. Where is it written that a police officer can instantly and unilaterally, without judicial review, suspend all of a person's civil rights and individual rights? Sorry, that dog just won't hunt.

Just because a person is pulled over by a police officer for a minor traffic infraction, it doesn't mean that person is guilty of anything; it doesn't mean that person's free speech is suspended (You're a dirty, rotten pig, for example); it doesn't mean that person's right to privacy is suspended (Where are you going? None of your damn business).

Just write the ticket, and let a person be on his/her way. There's no need to get into a power-struggle. Besides, in any power struggle, the police officer works for the citizen, not the other way around.

In the case of the 72 year old Texas woman who refused to sign a speeding ticket, and the officer let it escalate into a circumstance in which he actually tasered her on the side of the road, he acted without regard to her individual rights, assuming the posture that he was God and Dictator, and that she must do everything he demanded. That should be 100 percent unacceptable to ALL Americans.

True, she was feisty; she was rude; she was not cooperating; she was defiant; she was pissed-off. BUT SHE WASN'T A THREAT. If he actually thought she was a threat, then the officer is a wimp and doesn't deserve to wear the uniform.

Here's what should have happened:

Just issue the speeding ticket. If she refuses to sign it, tell her that you'll make a note of her refusal to sign, but tell her that she still must either pay the fine as indicated or go to court to challenge the charge - and then hand her the unsigned ticket. If she refuses to take the ticket, tell her that it will be placed on her windshield, but she STILL must either pay the fine or go to court to challenge the charge. Tell her that if she does neither, a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

He might have even said, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I'm just doing my job. You have a nice day, and please drive carefully." Let her scream and rant, and let her verbally abuse you - as you walk away.

Instead, he went on a power-trip; he insisted that she obey his every command; and he tasered her (tortured her?) because she refused.

This country is going to **** in a handbag when police abuse like this goes unpunished. And not only is it going unpunished, but it's being justified.

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I make it a point

by santeewelding In reply to Why taser a 72 year old w ...

To keep track of this stuff. Apparently, I missed this one. Would you supply a link, Max?

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by maxwell edison In reply to I make it a point

She then even backed-off, and said that she'd sign the ticket.

This should be totally unaceptable in America.

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Agree with you wholeheartedly

by CG IT In reply to Why taser a 72 year old w ...

to bad the press doesn't make this a huge deal that it is.

When police have unbridled authority then they are no better than the terrorists who demand the populace obey them.

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This is a HUGE deal - absolutely HUGE

by maxwell edison In reply to Agree with you wholeheart ...

The police have too much power. They can trump-up charges, and a person is expected to prove innocence instead of the state being required to prove guilt. And the notion that you must obey a police officer - without question - is absurd. It reminds me of the things I've read about Nazi Germany.

This should be on the front page of EVERY news outlet in the country - if not the world. Why isn't it? Where's the outrage?

The way I see things (not only things like this, but now the federal government is on the verge of MANDATING that every American purchase medical insurance), America, as we knew it, is on the verge of becoming history.

People better be concerned.

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P.S. - Give it a little time. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to This is a HUGE deal - abs ...

..... and I'll be arrested for what I just said.

And there are people (Americans) who would actually wish/hope/support as much.

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more like...

by ---TK--- In reply to P.S. - Give it a little t ...

The post will be censored, then you get arrested.

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more like

by The Scummy One In reply to more like...

this post will be censored
then Max gets arrested
then Max gets waterboarded
then Max gets shot before the courts can get to it
Then the press is told Max was released, and shot by some gang somewhere

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Reminds me of

by TonytheTiger In reply to more like

"Bring in the guilty *******. We'll give him
a fair trial, and then we'll hang him."

- Judge Roy Bean

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That is a sad thought

by The Scummy One In reply to P.S. - Give it a little t ...

completely sad. But I dont actually disagree with the assessment. Just hope we all rebel before it gets to that state of affairs.

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by ---TK--- In reply to That is a sad thought

hopefully it comes before the right to bear arms is taken away...

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