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Why the Cisco code leak isn't cause for concern

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
How concerned are you about the recent Cisco source code leak? Does your organization use Cisco products? What steps, if any, have you taken to lock down your systems to protect against this leak? Share your comments about the recent Cisco source code leak, as discussed in the June 14 Internet Security Focus e-newsletter.

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by Nitrosoft In reply to Why the Cisco code leak i ...

It's starge how this leak, which I'll assume may contain easily exploitable bugs. is viewed in an entierly different light to the microsoft code leaks...

Reading the article it seems that the CISCO people also believe in security through obscurity?

Why does he not consider this a problem? is it just that it doesn't have MS with a pretty flag stamped on it. Or has he (in the last few months) changed his opinions regarding security through obscurity and the potential catastrophies caused by a source leak.

throughout many of the news letters he always says that companies that have a business critical internet connection should always have backups, now we are looking at a situation where businesses can't do a thing because problems can be caused far out of their control... It won't mater at all what security patches they have applied to their OS's if the connection can be severed at another point.

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