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Why the Constant Arguing

By rkuhn ·
Ok, I have my favorite OS...Windows.

Others have theirs...Linux, MAC, Unix, etc.

Why the constant bickering?

If you don't like my OS, Windows, there are plenty of other choices for you. I don't discount your choice of OS, so why discount my choice?

I've picked my OS that fits my wants and needs the most among other reasons and you've picked yours.

It should stop there. I don't try to "convert" anyone. To each his own.

But the Linux crowd are like a bunch of religious zealots. I'm stupid, uninformed, lazy, dumb, etc if I choose Windows? Why?

If you don't like Windows, don't use it. It's that simple. If you don't like Microsoft, don't buy their products. It's that simple.

But we all have our wants and needs, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We all make our decisions based on our own situation. Don't prejudge.

What works for me may or may not work for you. That's the beauty one is putting a gun to your head.

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For the best answer to this question you need

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why the Constant Arguing

to talk to the expert.

The constant arguments are down to people like Ernie, there are many on the linux side as well I'll admit.

They tend to make some sense though ?

By the way MS is constantly trying to put a gun to our heads at least on the pc front.
They don't want alternatives, they don't think alternatives should be available, and they've been extremely successful at achieving their desire.

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The message you referenced sounds like a troller

by Mark Miller In reply to For the best answer to th ...

Typically when I see people make such glowing absolutist statements about an OS I get skeptical: "Is this guy for real?" What gets me is how many get their hackles up and fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Not trying to be superior. I used to fall for it, too.

I agree. I sound like Rodney King sometimes, "Can't we all just get along?" I can remember years ago, before a lot of people were on the internet, people used to have what were called "flame wars" about whose computer was better (not which OS). The acts of superiority and the hurling of insults was the same. The thing that was different was there was no moralizing. There were no accusations of being a $hill, or sheep, or supporting a bad company.

I do get the distinct sense from some Linux/OSS advocates that they insist I join them, and I resent that. Since I'm a developer on Windows/.Net, that's what I see anyway. I'm sure it happens on the other side of the fence as well.

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If he is n't a troll, I'm at a loss

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The message you reference ...

Unless of coure he was really one of our linux loonies making windows afficionados look bad.


I earn my corn at the moment doing win32 with Delphi, soon possibly to migrate to C# and .NET.

I 've done years on windows, VMS, Linux and HP3000 in mixed environments, I know which box to use to do what.

Try to tell me anyone of them does everything better from an operational point of view and I'll be suspicious to say the least. To avoid suspicion you've got to back up the opinion and I aren't little Billy who just uses MSN, so facts need to be straight and present.

My favourite server OS is VMS but that might be down to familiarity, I'm pretty much a linux advocate now, if it can do the job use it.

However there still are occasions when windows is the better choice, not necessarily from a technical point of view but definitely from an operational one.

Bill didn't go for his office automation integration for a laugh, it's just a pity he had to go for exclusive, when in my opinion inclusive would have given him way more leverage.

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Office integration

by rdcpro In reply to If he is n't a troll, I'm ...

Well, as far as Office 12 goes, I think you'll find that it's a lot more inclusive than before. They've finally abandoned the old proprietary binary doc format, in favor of a new format called Docx. It's a zipped archive of the resources that go into a file. The content, styling, metadata, etc. are in separate XML files in the archive.

This will make it very easy to integrate with.

Perhaps it's mostly this particular site and forum, but it seems to me like most of the hate posts are from the linux crowd. Go ahead and flame away, everyone, but you're only fooling yourselves.

Ernie, whoever he is, certainly doesn't speak for microsoft, or even any ISV that might be partnered with them. You may actually be closer to the truth with your joke about him being a linux loonie...

I'd have hoped that most people would read his rants, and ignore them as noise from someone who clearly doesn't speak for anyone. But then, troll baiting has always been a favorite pastime.

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A regular mistake

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Office integration

the linux crowd don't hate MS (well barring one or two exceptions), we hate FUD. We hate FUD because it's an insult to our intelligence, no one likes to be treated like an idiot.

I'm not surprised you want to disassociate your self from ErnieM. Be assured though there are more Ernie's in the world than linux loons.

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Docx "new"?

by wbgrant In reply to Office integration

That Docx file format sounds very similar conceptually to the old (pre Open Document) Open Office format.

The continual standoff between Windows and "alternative" computing generates a lot of noise, but it also creates a great deal of developmental dynamics.

Both Windows and Linux are much better now than they were a decade ago because of this.

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Here, Here . . .

by Meesha In reply to If he is n't a troll, I'm ...

I too over the yars have come through various paths of technologies with the same view as yours - whatever works best for the situation at hand.

I started out in VMS some years ago and with market forces being what they are, moved into Windows along the way. Regardless of the general view that Windows is good for everything, this is exactly why I've moved on to the *NIX. Windows although very good for almost all home use left me wanting in business functionality.

What business in their right mind would not consider the best fit for their org in terms of overall TCO/ROI? If Windows does that for them, so be it. In my own business Linux et al has proven to be the overall winner.

Does this mean that Windows doesn't have a fit? Or that Linux is still unable to meet business needs? Not by a long shot. The market can and will bear all flavors of technology for many years to come.

As technologists, we'll still have a job for quite some time regardless of "which camp" you're in.

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My take on it.

by dksells In reply to Here, Here . . .

Linux for servers, Windows for PC's. This is what works for me. But,... Windows still pisses me off!

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Different side of the same coin

by jmgarvin In reply to The message you reference ...

Being an advocate for FLOSS and Free Software, I have to say that I feel the same way with MS advocates. If I don't join them, I've commited some kind of sin.

I've developed in Windows (I've actually mentioned that I like .Net) and my major beef is generally with the FUD or lack of knowledge. What really gets my back up is the idea that only MS App A can do this task. When a *nix advocate brings up that *nix App B can do the same task, the FUD typically starts.

I think the other point is that when I post that MS has a security flaw, or that I don't like the way something works, I don't know what I'm talking about. However, if I post that FC5 is bloated and buggy (it is btw), then nobody says a thing. Why is that?

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Most OS's

by rkuhn In reply to Different side of the sam ...

Most OS's distros, whether Linux or Windows, that are widely distrubuted, are buggy and bloated.

Yes, there are alot of Linux exceptions.

But most commonly used OS's are extremely bloated as they attempt to be everything to everyone.

It is a common problem with MS and Linux.

And both are typically buggy because both are created by humans and humans aren't perfect.

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